Redefine Busy

Busy does not define success. Don’t wear it as a badge of honour. Redefine busy. Sprout Studio is the first true all-in-one system for photographers designed to eliminate busyness and streamline your photography business.

Sprout Studio Includes:
  • Studio Management
  • Proofing Galleries
  • Album Proofing
  • Sales Galleries

Give a beautiful customer experience

Your clients mean everything to you. The experience they have with you through Sprout Studio has been highly refined; everything is beautiful, elegant and simple. Sprout Studio helps you give a streamlined customer experience.


Since Sprout Studio is an all-in-one system, your clients also get to enjoy the benefit of having an all-in-one system. Everything from their photographic experience with you is in one place. Their contract, invoices, galleries, album proofs and questionnaires are all easily accessible at any time. By using Sprout Studio, you help your clients stay organized and give them peace-of-mind.

Simple and Intuitive

We obsessed over perfecting your client’s experience in Sprout Studio. We designed their gallery, album proof, and everything else to be incredibly intuitive, simple, and straightforward. Every single pixel was placed with the intent of giving your clients a great experience.

Consistent Interactions

Every interaction your client has with you through Sprout Studio is consistent. Visually, their gallery matches their album proof, which matches their booking proposal, which match their questionnaires. With Sprout Studio, your clients have familiarity at every touch-point with your business.

Polished and Professional

We studied human interaction and how people use the web, and followed the highest standards of design when building Sprout Studio. This makes you look professional, polished, trustworthy and reliable. In short, Sprout Studio makes you look good to your clients.

Mobile Friendly

Whether your client is viewing their gallery on their iPhone, signing their contract on their iPad or reviewing their album proof on their laptop, Sprout Studio will always gives them the best visual experience. Sprout Studio was designed from the ground-up to be responsive, both in form and function, so it looks and works perfectly on every device!

Pre-written templates and systems

With our revolutionary Sprout Library, we have pre-written and pre-defined an entire library of email templates, workflows, questionnaires, room views, and much more. It’s all available for you, free, within Sprout Studio. You can use our templates and pre-written content as-is, or as a starting point and customize them to your liking.

  • 30
    Email Templates
  • 21
    Sales Gallery Rooms
  • 5
    Powerful Questionnaires
  • 5
    Proven Workflows

"Being able to have everything so cohesive is something that’s going to make your life better as a photographer, and give you time to do the things you love!"

Vanessa Joy

Wedding Photographer

The first true all-in-one

In Sprout Studio, a gallery can be associated with an album proof, which can be attached to a shoot. Everything is connected, so there’s no limit to what we can do!

Sprout Studio is the photography industry’s first true all-in-one system, designed to help you organize, systematize and automate. By integrating everything in one place, you’ll be able to run a more streamlined business, have greater consistency in your communication and deliver a more refined customer experience.

Sprout Studio saves you time and makes your workflow more efficient, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Streamline and Automate

Since Sprout Studio does so much under one roof, you can have one piece of it “speak” to another piece. This has never been possible before. This cohesion will save you more time, allow for greater organization and ensure more consistent follow-through.

Sprout Studio comes with a powerful automation engine. This allows you to streamline your workflow and communications. Best of all – it’s quick to set up, simple to use and easy to integrate, so you’ll be automating in no time!

Powerful Workflows in Sprout Studio