Adopt Proven Business Principles

Proven business principles are ingrained in every fiber of Sprout Studio. It is at our core. By using Sprout, you adopt those fundamentals, allowing you to reach brand-new heights in your photography business.
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Built-in templates, for free!

We created a tool called Sprout Library in Sprout Studio, where we’ve literally done everything for you – written email templates, created questionnaires, designed workflows, created price lists, drafted contracts, and much more! You benefit from our 45+ years of photography business experience - all for free, all with the click of a button. You can copy any or all of our templates to use as a starting point to (optionally) customize to your liking. 
Email Templates
Pre-Configured Price-Lists
Powerful Questionnaires
Proven Workflows
Payment Schedule Templates
Contract Templates

The best in business education is an educational resource we’ve created to help you learn about the business of photography. We’ve inspired over 60,000 photographers with our articles, podcasts, and through speaking across North America at some of the biggest conferences in the photography industry such as WPPI, Shutterfest, and Inspire Photo Retreats. Apple put us in the “best of iTunes” for our podcast, and Inc. Magazine even named us one of the best business podcasts to listen to. You benefit from all this, because education is ingrained in every aspect of Sprout Studio.
We dig deep into the business of photography in highly-actionable articles on
We publish a weekly podcast featuring interviews and conversations all about the business of photography. 
Based off of our book Pricing for Profit, we have created a set of FREE pricing calculators for you to use in your business.
We speak and teach about the business of photography all across North America at some of the biggest conferences in the industry. 
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Track your business health

There’s a saying that says “what you measure, you improve”, and we couldn’t agree more! You must always be aware of the health of your business, and know what’s working and what’s not. We built Reports and Analytics within Sprout Studio so that you can stay on top of everything and measure your success as you continue to grow. 

With Sprout Studio, you can answer the following questions:
"How much money did I make this month? This year? Last year?"
"What was the best source of new clients for me last year?What are the 3 main reasons a lead doesn’t book?"
"Where am I spending my money?"
"How many leads did I have last month? What was my booking percentage?"
"How much money is past-due from my clients? Which clients? What invoices?"
"How much mileage am I logging per year for business?"
"What percent of my bookings are wedding versus family portraits? Which was more profitable?"
"How much money am I projected to make next year?"
"How much sales tax do I owe for this quarter?"

Business at the core

Sprout Studio is a software for photographers, built by photographers. We've been where you are, and know exactly the challenges and workflow of running a photography business. Solid, proven business principles are engrained in every fibre of Sprout Studio and by using Sprout, you adapt those fundamentals, helping you reach brand-new heights in your photography business.
"Sprout Studio has been an invaluable organizational system for my business that has boosted the studio’s productivity and strengthened our brand appearance!"
Stephanie Robin
Newborn and Child Photographer

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Adopt Proven Business Principles

Reach brand-new heights in your photography business.

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