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Sprout Studio allows you to give your clients a remarkable experience. With Sprout Studio, you keep them organized and their experience with you as their photographer is professional, seamless, and simple.
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one place for your client

Each of your clients gets a beautiful Client Portal, where everything is organized in one place - their galleries, invoices, contracts, questionnaires, design proofs, contact details, videos, and more. They can easily navigate from one to the other, and always have a reference to anything they may need. This makes their photographic experience with you simple, easy and well-organized.

In one place, on one page, with one login, your client can see all of their:
orders & Invoices
dates & appointments
documents & files
album & Design proofs
contact info

show off your offerings

Easily create Public Price Lists which allow your clients to view all of your offerings at a glance. Show off your packages, products, services, and prints with sample images, and include descriptive details to help your clients see the value in what you offer. This is a great tool to set expectations and present your products and services in a beautiful way.
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easily index all your galleries

You can optionally include galleries on a Gallery Catalog page, which is a beautiful searchable index of the selected galleries. You may want to link to this from your website with a “clients” or “galleries” button so that your clients can always find their galleries with ease.

looks great

Whether your client is viewing their gallery on their iPhone, signing their contract on their iPad, or reviewing their album proof on their laptop, Sprout Studio will always give them the best visual experience. Sprout Studio was designed from the ground-up to be responsive, in both form and function, so it looks and works perfectly on every device! 

Feels great

We obsessed over every single pixel within Sprout Studio, so your clients have familiarity, comfort, and intuitively know what to do.
Essentially, Sprout Studio makes you look good and makes it easy for your clients to buy from you!
"Sprout Studio saves me tons of time, allows me to make more money, and my brides are loving the client portal."
Wedding Photographer

Keep your clients organized

Sprout helps you stay organized and streamlines your client correspondence through Reminders and Automatic Emails. This means you can guide your clients through every step of the way and give a remarkable customer experience, which leads to happier clients, increased spending, repeat business and more referrals!
automatic emails
Have Sprout automatically take care of the simple transactional emails with your clients.
workflow emails
Easily create repeatable workflows for your clients to streamline and (optionally) automate your communications.
reminders & To-do's
Never drop the ball again! Automatically create reminders and to-dos so you know exactly what to do and when.

Set expectations

You can customize the messages and greetings on all pages your clients see (i.e. their gallery, their booking proposal, their album proof, etc). This allows you to set expectations properly and communicate in a style that is unique to you and your brand.

beautifully simple booking process

Hiring a professional photographer is a big deal for your clients. Their booking proposal through Sprout Studio helps ease their nerves, sets expectations and answers all their questions. It makes no assumptions and helps them feel confident they made the right decision. It also allows you to be a true professional and a guide, hand-holding them through every step of the way … automatically!
Welcome your client to their booking proposal and set expectations.
Allow your client to choose from a list of pre-built collections you’ve created for them.
Optionally allow your client to choose any add-ons they’d like to add in to their package.
Payment Schedule
Let your client preview their payment schedule based on the package they’ve chosen/built.
Optionally include a questionnaire to collect more details.
Require your clients to sign a contract before booking.
Optionally require your clients to pay a deposit before booking.
Thank You
Thank your client for booking.

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Give your clients a remarkable experience.

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Reach brand-new heights in your photography business.

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