Organize, Streamline and Automate

Sprout Studio is the photography industry's first true all-in-one system designed to keep you organized, streamline your workflow, and automate your business. You can run your entire business in one place with Sprout Studio.
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With Sprout Studio, you connect your entire business. Your inquiries, clients, invoices, contracts, galleries, expenses, design proofs and more are all organized together, which saves you time, keeps you organized and streamlines your workflow.  
Collect Inquiries
Automatically collect new inquiries and leads from your website.
Manage Leads
Easily organize leads to ensure you follow-up with them.
Book Shoots
Convert leads into shoots once they’re ready to book you.
Sign Contracts
Send digital contracts and allow your clients to electronically sign them.
Create Invoices
Create orders with simple or intricate payment schedules and send invoices.
Get Paid
Allow your clients to pay with a credit-card so you get paid right away.
collect details
Create questionnaires to collect various details from your clients for their shoot.
Proof images
Create beautiful online galleries to show off your images to your clients.
Deliver digitals
Allow your clients to download images from a gallery individually or entirely.
Collect Print Orders
Collect print orders from your clients and self-fulfill them at whichever lab you’d like.
Sell Wall Art
Show off your clients images in their own room to sell beautiful wall portraits.
Proof Designs
Send design proofs for books, albums, and more so your clients can request revisions or approve it.

streamline and automate

Never drop the ball again! With Sprout Studio, you can easily create repeatable workflows for your clients and streamline your business. Spend less time managing the nitty-gritty and let Sprout help you stay on top of your day-to-day emails and to-do’s!
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Email TEmplates
Any email you may send more than once, you can save as an email template in Sprout Studio. This way, you write it once and use it over-and-over again!
Build more than just email templates - with Sprout Studio, you can save time by setting up templates for questionnaires, contracts, galleries, booking proposals, and more.
Powerful Variables
Add variables to your templates so you can automatically populate the right details based on the client - for example, [[first_name]] gets replaced with your clients’ actual name when it’s used.

Track your business health

Since Sprout Studio is the first true all-in-one system, it’s the first time all of your business functions (i.e. online galleries and client bookings) are organized together in one place. This means that you get a much better picture of the overall health of your business through Sprout’s simple reports and analytics.

Never question what’s working and what’s not. All the information about what’s happening in your business is available for you right at your fingertips. With Sprout Studio, you can answer:
"How much money did I make this month? This year? Last year?"
"What was the best source of new clients for me last year? What are the 3 main reasons a lead doesn’t book?"
"Where am I spending my money?"
"How many leads did I have last month? What was my booking percentage?"
"How much money is past-due from my clients? Which clients? What invoices?"
"How much mileage am I logging per year for business?"
"What percent of my bookings are wedding versus family portraits? Which was more profitable?"
"How much money am I projected to make next year?"
"How much sales tax do I owe for this quarter?"

Intuitive booking process

Keep your inquiries and bookings organized. Sprout Studio adopts an industry-accepted workflow for managing leads and booking shoots, and it’s built to mimic the way it works in real life.
Welcome your client to their booking proposal and set expectations.
Allow your client to choose from a list of pre-built collections you’ve created for them.
Optionally allow your client to choose any add-ons they’d like to add to their package.
Payment Schedule
Let your client preview their payment schedule based on the package they’ve chosen/built.
Optionally include a questionnaire to collect more details.
Require your clients to sign a contract before booking.
Optionally require your clients to pay a deposit before booking.
Thank You
Thank your client for booking.
"Being able to have everything so cohesive is something that’s going to make your life better as a photographer, and give you time to do the things you love!"
Vanessa Joy
Wedding Photographer

Automatic emails

Using Sprout Studio is like having a full-time secretary or studio assistant. Turn on Automatic Emails to have Sprout take care of the simple transactional emails with your clients - things like confirmations, reminders, receipts, follow-ups, and so on. This allows you to stay organized, never forget an email and gives your clients a great experience while giving you peace of mind.
  • Paid invoice receipt 
  • Upcoming invoice reminder
  • Gallery favourites confirmation
  • Gallery order receipt
  • Past-due invoice reminder
  • Booking proposal confirmation
  • Album proof changes 
  • Album proof approval
  • Questionnaire response 
  • Gallery download link
  • Link to client portal
  • Password reset

Why Sprout Studio?

Organize, Streamline and Automate

Run your entire business in one place.

Have Happier Clients

Give your clients a remarkable experience.

Adopt Proven Business Principles

Reach brand-new heights in your photography business.

Put Simply – You Matter

We want to partner with you on your journey to success.