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Say goodbye to the disorganization of other systems. Sprout Studio keeps you organized, makes you more money, and saves you time switching between software. 

With hundreds of CRM and Gallery features, Sprout Studio has everything you need to run (and grow) your photography business in one place

If we did any more, you’d need to add us to your payroll!

Learn how Sprout saves Kevin 4 months of work each year

“Sprout is all-encompassing. I owe all of my business organization to Sprout; they are the reason I'm so successful. Everything is so easy and in one place, which lets me focus on what I love doing - interacting and photographing people. ”
Ellie McKinney
Wedding Photographer
Client management

The CRM tools that power your business

Managing your photography business has never been easier. With software designed by photographers, for photographers – we know what features make life easier.

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Client management

CRM tools, made with photographers in mind

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The gallery features that wow your clients

Every photographer knows that client experience comes first! That’s why Sprout created the ultimate gallery software made to stun your clients and make you sales.


Gallery features, made for you and your clients:

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Template library

Done-for-you templates

Sign up for Sprout and get 100s of free templates

With the Template Library built right into your account, photographers save 30+ hours a month eliminating the busy work. 

Switch or Sign-up

Switch or sign-up

Whether you're switching software or are brand-new to Sprout, we've made learning and loving your new CRM a seamless experience.

Help docs

Planned, written, and published documents by our Support Team! Just search your inquiry and access instructions, advice, and diagrams from the people who know Sprout best.

Support team

Real people, real connections. Sprout Studio has LIVE support chats where our on-site team is available to answer questions right in your account!

Sprout School

Learn how to master your account (and business) at your own pace by checking out our free video lessons on Sprout School!

Concierge service

We offer a full concierge service to migrate your data from your old software into Sprout!

DIY migration tool

If you’d rather move your data over yourself, we have a DIY Migration tool built right into your account for quick and painless switching!

Book a call

Whether you’re a visual learner, or just want to hop on a call – schedule a video or audio call with our support team anytime. 

What Our Users Are Saying
"I cannot express how much I love Sprout is the best! Probably one of the best investments I've put into my business. I say that as a part-time photographer, who has a full time job and a family. It helps me stay way more organized. I really can't thank the team at Sprout enough for everything they have done. It's very intuitive and I love that you're constantly reworking things to make them better for us!"
Lauren McCormick
Newborn/Maternity Photographer
Keri Myers (@kerimeyersphoto)
"Sprout has been such a huge help for my life and business. It has really streamlined my workflow saving me so much time, which in turn gives me more time for other things, like spending more time with my family! Bryan and his team have created something amazing - it so nice to have one program where I can manage emails, galleries, albums, contracts, calendars, invoices, payments and more! "
Keri Myers
Family Photographer
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about sprout! Their customer service is top notch, they are constantly adding new things to improve their platform and they have saved me SO MUCH TIME! (Their one program replaced at least 5 different websites I was using!) My business is more efficient and professional because of their software. I can access all my stuff on the go too! I don't know what took me so long to find them, but I am glad I did."
Ashley Newman
Family Photographer
"I love how SproutStudio makes me look professional and keeps everything in one place. I especially like their client portals and the new public pricelists and shop design. They have all the tools a photographer needs. Since I started using Sprout Studio I finally feel like I look properly professional to my clients. Everything is streamlined and simplified for them. My only reason to stop using them would be if I stopped being a photographer"
Marianne Hope
Wedding Photographer
“Easiest CRM to get started right out of the box, support is helpful if you reach out. They have email marketing and online galleries built-in which none of the others do. ”
Lisa Yvette
Family Photographer
"Over the last 12 years I have used 5 different CRM platforms. I feel like I am becoming a professional at setting up CRM's. It seemed like everywhere I went it was MISSING something that was really important to me. Sprout is great CRM that has a great client experience PLUS some good reporting. I have been here for a few months, but only starting setting things up 2 weeks ago but I am JUST loving everything! I finally feel like I have found a HOME. Thank you sprout."
Marie Walkowski
Portrait Photographer
"I just want to say to Bryan Caporicci and all of the team, how wonderful it is to see all these updates. I started using sprout after moving my business to a new country. And sprout was one of my biggest yearly subscriptions. But now I can not see myself be without it. And seeing that you all work hard, and create new features that really help our workflow and business overall, is letting me know that I should stay put 😊👍🏻 Great job and have a nice week!"
Aske Martinus
Wedding Photographer

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