Episode 464

Bryan interviews Sprout users on how to overcome roadblocks while switching to Sprout Studio, and talks with Alysia Vargas about her experience as a neurodiverse business owner.

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Black Friday Miniseries

Slaying The Dragons

There are a few common roadblocks we've seen to photographers embracing Sprout and setting up systems in their business - but today, we're here to slay that dragon. In this Episode, Bryan talks with Luis Alejandro, Doug Kendall, and Vernon Brown about their experience joining Sprout and ways they avoided barriers. He also speaks with Micheal Anthony about how our concierge service helped make switching softwares easier, and how you can get the service for free this year! In the second half of the podcast, Bryan spoke to the wonderful Alysia Vargas - a photographer and Sprout user. Alysia explains how her neurodiversity impacts her as a business owner, and describes how Sprout has helped along the way! There’s a growing push to focus on our brain differences, not deficits. This wider view of "normal" is a big part of something called neurodiversity. We plan to speak more on this subject in future podcasts!
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