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January 5, 2022

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A Photographers Guide to a Successful 2022

Lauren Cumpson, About Lauren
Hero Image credit: Brooke Cagle

These past 18 months have been tough, and we don’t want to discredit the struggles many of us have gone through. But we also know that we’re all getting a little tired of the phrases “new normal” or “unprecedented times”.

So, we thought we’d switch it up.

We wanted to shine new light on what the pandemic has taught us and where we go from here, and in our eyes, the only way is up. Hence the theme for our Black Friday deal – reaching new horizons!

This Black Friday deal is about more than just saving money – although that is a priority – it’s also about pushing your photography business to new limits, climbing over mountains you thought were too high, and finding more success than ever before.


🏔 Reaching New Horizons

crossroads sign with 2022 point up

As a group of photographers ourselves, we understand the struggles that come along with running a photography business. Of course, it’s not always easy, but those struggles are what inspired us to answer the question “What do photographers want this year?”.

The verdict? Well, photographers want to:

  • Grow their business 🌱
  • Make more money 💸
  • Embrace the challenges 🏔
  • Have more time to enjoy doing what they love – photography! 📸

So, we’ve put together a few things to help reach those goals (or horizons, if you will) and make 2022 the easiest year for photographers yet!

Here’s what we’re doing…

Start for free, 21 days on us!

Sprout Studio is made by photographers, for photographers. Start making a living doing what you love today.

📍 More than Just a Dream


Now, what is Black Friday without some well-deserved savings?

That’s why we’re offering our biggest discount of the year. Yup. THE BIGGEST DEAL OF THE YEAR!

On November 26th, photographers – BOTH new and existing users – will get 25% off all annual plans so you can enjoy the savings all year long!

But, this Black Friday is about more than that…

It’s about taking a journey to heights in your business you’ve only dreamed of until now.
We’re here to guide you up the path to those dreams by offering a fresh start, exclusive resources, and software like never before.


📍 The Beginning of Your Journey

We get the hassle that comes along with changing software. You have an entire contact list of clientele, current leads, upcoming shoots, etc., that you need to transfer over. It’s a long process and we know you have important things to do!

So for Black Friday, we’re offering our Concierge Service with up to $100 in credit – for free!

We can transfer your:
✅ Clients
✅ Leads
✅ Shoots
✅ Settings
…into Sprout Studio for absolutely nothing!

Reaching new heights in your business doesn’t have to be a long and demanding trek – and that’s exactly why we've made the switch as smooth as possible. We’re clearing the path for you now, so you can stay on track the rest of the way.

Black Friday Pick Your Plan US Pricing Guide

📍 The Roadmap to Saving Time

Many aspects of running a photography business are time-consuming, and sometimes, the last thing you want to do is tediously write out emails or create workflows.

Yet, you still understand the importance of having those things done right.

So this year, we’ve carefully crafted over 150 email and workflow templates for you in our New Horizons Template Bundle!! Spend less time worrying about writing the perfect email that “just needs one more edit”, and have more time to focus on reaching the goals you set out for in 2022.

There's 4 email packs included in the New Horizons Bundle, valued at $800.00!

FREE Photographer Email Bundle Pack

📍 A Way Forward, Together

We know a lot is going on this Black Friday. And you shouldn’t have to miss the opportunities this year has in store just because there isn’t time to research, read, and remember it all.

So – listen on the go instead!

This year we’ve put together a Black Friday podcast mini-series, packed with guest photographers, industry leaders, and of course – the Sprout Studio team. We go over ways to better manage your business, deal with the projected challenges of 2022, look at industry trends that will make you money, and so much more.

You can listen to it here!

The Black Friday Podcast Miniseries

📍 Going Further than you Ever Thought Possible

Now, the last thing we have in-store has been a year in the making. You got here just in time to experience the brand-new, more powerful, and more intuitive version of Sprout – v3!!

In fact, it’s so big we had to make a keynote to explain just how many updates we’ve included!

This means you get the first-chance opportunity to explore v3 – that’s double the savings when you sign up for an account on Black Friday! Be one of the first to explore an all-new Sprout Studio with more features, customizations, and control to run your photography business the way you want.

Watch the v3 Keynote

📍 It’s a New Era for you, Photographer

Black Friday Deal Photographer's Guide

So from discounts, templates, and v3, to the easiest way to switch yet, we have big things in store to help you reach new horizons in your business this year!

Look how far you’ve come already – we know you have it in you.

Sure, the climb was exhausting, and maybe there were moments you felt like you couldn’t go on. But now, sitting on top of the peak – you realize it was all worth it for this incredible view.

Let’s make this the easiest year for photographers yet. A year where you go further, make more money, save more time, and most of all – make a living doing what you love.

It’s an all-new era of Sprout Studio, and we would love for you to be a part of it. Lock into a year full of savings and so much more with our Black Friday deal.


  • Jakievious
    For existing users and new users, if you have imported contacts, etc. how will that process work with the V3 update release on 1/5/2022? Or will we need to re-enter all of those details for contacts and templates that are already saved?
    • Matt
      Hi Jakievious, Everything will work fine with V3! If you'd added contacts before, they'll still be there after it's updated!
  • Jack Studios
    These types of blog are highly informative for up coming photographers and also if your are under budget you can get photo studio rental in NYC at affordable prices

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