A Photographer’s Branding Solution

Sprout Studio's Brand Modal

Build and maintain your brand with Sprout Studio’s powerful tools, ensuring a professional and consistent look across all your client interactions.

Our innovative branding modal empowers you to completely customize your client-facing pages and messaging, allowing you to create a lasting impression, stay organized, and deliver a seamless brand experience. Consistency is key when it comes to your client-facing messaging.

Have Full Control Over Your Photography Brand

Within the branding modal in Sprout Studio, you’ll find an array of features designed to simplify the brand customization process. Each feature customizes all of your client-facing messaging.


Easily set your brand’s contact information, including domain, email, phone number, website, and social links.

Define the billing address for your brand, ensuring accurate communication with clients.


Choose the accents that perfectly match your brand’s color palette, using the hex code feature for precise customization.


Upload key images that represent your brand, such as your logo, icons, cover photos, and email headers.

Gallery Cover

Select a default cover for your galleries, maintaining a cohesive look across all your visual assets.

Brand Portfolio

Showcase your portfolio by uploading a variety of images to be used randomly in your pricing guide, adding a touch of creativity to your offerings.

Showcase All of Your Client-Facing Messaging

Brand Modal

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Start using the Brand Modal now!

Start using the Brand Modal now!

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