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January 5, 2022

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Does the photography industry really need a better mousetrap?

Bryan Caporicci, Professional wedding photographer and CEO/Founder of Sprout Studio About Bryan

There is no shortage of innovation in our industry, especially in the software space.

I was recently at a conference, and I had a conversation with a photographer who said “everyone seems to be making studio management software these days”, and he was right. There are more and more studio management solutions coming on to the market to help you with the studio management component of your business.

There is obviously a gap. Photographers feel that the current offerings aren't fulfilling their needs and software developers are setting out to build a better mousetrap.

That's exactly the problem, though.

Everyone is busy building a better mousetrap, but I fundamentally believe that we don't actually need mousetraps anymore.

You see, the assumption is that there's something wrong with the existing mousetraps. And sure, the current solutions leave much to be desired, but this is a flawed perspective because it also makes the assumption that we're still trying to catch mice.

The game has changed. The industry has evolved. Your needs as a photographer are vastly different today than they were 10 years ago when studio management software first broke onto the scene.

Yet still, everyone is focusing on building a better mousetrap … building a new studio management system. As if it were still 10 years ago.

Wrong, I say.

I say we have to listen to the real needs of those we're serving.

I say we have to create a solution that solves the real problem.

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I say we have to smarten up and adapt with the times.

I say we have to peel back the layers and find the deeper pain points.

I say we no longer need a mousetrap.

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Your struggle isn't that you're missing the right studio management software. A better mousetrap will not help you achieve greater success. What you need are better systems. You need more organization. You need simplification. You need clarity on what to do and when. You need greater consistency. You need to improve your follow-through. You need a more refined process. You need to deliver a better customer experience.

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Sure, you would like a software solution that improves on the studio management component, but what you really need is one that also ties in everything else you have to do as a photographer and entrepreneur.

What you really need is Sprout Studio, the industry's first all-in-one Business Success Software for photographers.

I fundamentally believe that you don't want to just manage your studio. You want to have a successful business.

And we have built the tool that will help you achieve that.

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