Email 9: How to Stand Out as a Photographer

Being a photographer today can sometimes feel like being a grain of sand on a crowded beach. How do you stand out? Well – you can cut through the noise. See, most photographers do the same thing, so it’s no wonder they blend in with each other. But they’re not the ones reading this email. […]

Email 8: 6 Phases of a Successful Promotional Campaign

Last week, we published an article about strategically planning and executing promos, giving you a step-by-step guide to creating timely, targeted, and effective campaigns that attract your ideal clients, drive conversions, and fuel business growth. It was called Proactive Promotional Campaign Planning for Photography Success. In this week’s podcast and a follow-up article, we’re walking […]

Email 7: Creating Campaigns

You love photography. But when it comes to promoting your photography, you might feel like you’re stumbling through a maze without a map. And maybe you fear your lack of proper planning for your promotional efforts is shaking your confidence in reaching new clients and maximizing your earning potential. Perhaps you worry that without a […]

Email 5: How to Follow-up with Inquiries

Your email app makes the dopamine-inducing “ding” sound, and the little red “1” appears. Your inbox has a new email. You got an inquiry. A new lead. An opportunity to book a new client. You reply with excitement and anticipation. You gush about their inquiry, go on about how you can help them, ask when […]

Email 4: Unlock the Power of Email Templates

It’s time to level up your client communications. Oh, and save time. What’s the secret, you ask? Email templates! Think of it this way – why write the same email over and over again when you can do it once and reuse it every time you need it? So here’s how you can follow the […]

Email 3: Automation Made Easy

You mean well. You have good intentions. You want to give your clients a great experience, get back to them quickly and exceed their expectations. But sometimes that isn’t reality, is it? The busyness takes over; you hunker down and drown in work – editing, retouching, designing, shooting, oh my! That chaos leads to communication […]

Email 2: Quick Cash Opportunities

Times are tough. You’re faced with challenges that have likely strained your business in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Amidst the uncertainty, there lies an opportunity – to adapt, evolve, and come out stronger on the other side. Maybe you’re thinking, “I used to have a steady stream of clients, but lately, my bookings have […]

Email 1: The Power of Asking for Feedback

Do you want to know exactly how to have happier clients? Imagine you could have a detailed, accurate list of: That would be amazing, yes? Well, you can have this. How? Ask your clients! They will tell you everything you need to know about getting more happy clients and avoiding future hiccups and missteps. Here […]


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