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5 local networking strategies to get you more business

Marketing your photography business can be a tricky thing that presents a variety of challenges for entrepreneurs to consider when looking to develop a marketing mix that works for you and your business. Nowadays many entrepreneurs tend to place a majority of their marketing efforts towards online marketing. WHY? Well the internet has done great […]

Follow these 5 simple copywriting rules, or fail

You are a copywriter. Not a copyrighter. Well, you are. But not in the context of this conversation. Copywriting means communicating something and moving a reader to action. Copywriting is literally everything you write. Think about it. You write an email to communicate something. Often you're trying to guide the person on the other side […]

How to lower your carbon footprint as a photographer

Worrying about the planet can be overwhelming, especially when we live in an energy-driven world. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Yes, we all own climate change and carbon dioxide emissions are unavoidable, but leaving a carbon footprint doesn’t have to be! Instead of going into panic mode, let’s first focus […]

Did you know Sprout Studio users help save the environment?!

If you haven’t heard of Greta Thunberg yet, then stop everything you are doing and watch this video now. The 16-year-old environmental activist and powerhouse is taking the world by storm—and by storm we mean the CO² crisis we are currently facing. Thunberg is leading the radical climate strike driven by youths who are campaigning […]

Why we rebranded and why you should too…

SKIP BELOW TO: 5 QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ALREADY BE ASKING ABOUT YOUR BRAND  Sprout Studio has come a long way in the last few years. We've grown and you've grown with us. It was time to turn over a new leaf. Besides the new branding, positioning and messaging that we recently announced, we also launched […]