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Maybe you’re trying Sprout Studio while also checking out some of the other CRMs. Hey, we get it! There are so many great tools out there; you just need to find the right one for you.

Other CRMs

Basic CRM-only functionality for communicating with clients

Other Galleries

Great tools, only for showing off your photos to clients

Sprout Studio

You get both CRM, Gallery and more tools in one place

Plus, only with Sprout Studio, you get...

One place to run your photography business.​

One place to run your photography business.​

Want more creativity and less nitty-gritty? Use Sprout Studio as your secret weapon and make a living doing what you love.


Stop paying for multiple mismatched systems

There are a lot of options out there – studio management tools, CRMs, galleries, and more.

So why Sprout Studio? Well, because of the all-in-one difference! With everything in one place, you spend less time trying to get a bunch of subscriptions working together, and more time working on your biz!

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Sprout Studio
What Our Users Are Saying
"Over the last 12 years I have used 5 different CRM platforms. I feel like I am becoming a professional at setting up CRM's. It seemed like everywhere I went it was MISSING something that was really important to me. Sprout is great CRM that has a great client experience PLUS some good reporting. I have been here for a few months, but only starting setting things up 2 weeks ago but I am JUST loving everything! I finally feel like I have found a HOME. Thank you sprout."
Marie Walkowski
Portrait Photographer
"Sprout is all about the client experience! Sprout makes us look like the superhero! I had so many other systems - so disattached! Everything is housed in one place = game changer!"
Shanicka Roberts
Portrait Photographer
"I LOVE the team, and the dashboard. When I started looking for a CRM, I didn’t even know I was looking for a CRM. But I knew I needed a to-do list, clients coming up, notes, etc.. in a dashboard format. Easy to get to and see an overview. AND on MOBILE! I couldn’t find another that did that. I liked the idea of giving clients a place to log in and see their stuff. I was already trying to build something into my website but it was proving problematic. The competitors weren’t offering these things when I was searching."
Allyne Armitage
Family Photographer
"I just switched from Shootproof to Sprout and am soooo happy! It took me 2 good days to set it up, but it’s made my life so easy!"
Kelsie Kelly
Newborn Photographer
"I used 17hats for about 7 yrs. They just didn’t update and bring enough new features. So I was on the hunt. I did trials with Dubsado, Studio Ninja, Honeybook. Sprout for sure offered the most."
Shanna Chess
Family Photographer
“I'm extremely techie and love playing with and learning new software. Tave was just so over complicated... A year later I still couldn't make it work for me. Within a week, I have Sprout near 80-85% ready to go. I still have lots of tweaking and polishing to do, but it's so much more intuitive.For fun and out of a bit of boredom, I thought I would check out Sprout. Within a few days of tinkering around, I was nearly set up and WAY happier than I was with Tave. This system just fits my brain and workflow so much better. Sorry Picsello, Sprout stole my heart and my wallet!”
Troy Durrance
Wedding Photographer
"Sprouuuuuuuutttttt I have tried them all even looked at Dubsado after having Sprout for years and nope, nothing even compares to the capabilities of sprout. Between scheduler, contracts, automatic emails, email campaigns, galleries, literally everything you can ever imagine in one place”
Rebecca McCallum
Wedding Photographer

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14-days of awesomeness, on us!

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