When the Coronavirus pandemic began, we launched a marketing challenge to help.

We worked day-in, day-out to help you build a rock-solid marketing and sales plan; one that'd help you book more clients and generate more revenue amidst the chaos. We've since helped 1,000s of photographers around the world through the pandemic. We'd love to help you, too.

Join the course for free. Each of the 17 lessons has:

  • Actionable strategies to earn money and book more clients during (and after) the pandemic.
  • Specific tricks, tips and tactics to help you get clarity on exactly what to do.
  • A video (including Q&A) guiding you through the lesson.
  • A written transcription and accompanying article (if watching a video isn't your thing).
  • A downloadable PDF worksheet to fill out and hold you accountable.

Join today and boost your business back into high-gear!