Welcome to Sprout School!

Sprout School is for every Sprout Studio user – whether you're new and just trying to learn the ropes, or whether you've been using Sprout for a while and just feel like you're not using it as well as you'd like.

This course will guide you through getting fully set up with Sprout Studio and will teach you along the way. This will help you get all the benefits that Sprout has to offer – making more money, giving your clients an awesome experience, saving yourself time and getting organized.

Join me, Bryan Caporicci, the CEO and Founder here at Sprout Studio, and I'll walk you through the ins-and-outs of Sprout!

The course is easy-to-follow and broken down into simple steps. There are 4 core components of the course:

  1. Branches – These are the “sections” of the course, each containing a series of lessons. They are:
    • Stay organized – Learn to use the foundational tools within Sprout Studio so you can get and stay organized.
    • Look great – Set up the “pretty” parts of Sprout so that your clients get a beautiful experience with you.
    • Get clarity – Set up Sprout so you have complete clarity in your customer communications and client experience.
    • Save time – Learn the Sprout productivity tools so you can save time and have your business running on auto-pilot.
    • Feel confident – Learn about reports and analytics in Sprout Studio and how “knowledge is power” in your business.
    • Get flexible – Set up Sprout to work for you and your growing business, with multiple users and multiple brands.
  2. Lessons – Each individual lesson features a guided video walkthrough and is accompanied by step-by-step instructions to follow along or for easy reference afterwards.
  3. Variation – A sub-section of the main lesson, a variation is where you'll see a different way to do what you just learned in the lesson, or perhaps a shortcut to do the same thing, quicker.
  4. Prerequisites – The “homework” that needs to be done before diving into the lesson, each guided by a simple (and quick) step-by-step video. Doing these first guarantees that you'll have the most success with the lessons themselves.

At the end of this course, you will be confident in using Sprout Studio as your daily secret weapon. Not only will you better understand the ins-and-outs of Sprout Studio, but also, since you're “doing” along the way, you'll be fully set up and integrated and ready to crush it!