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In this lesson, you will learn how to create an invitation in Sprout Studio.

Make sure you've done the prerequisites:  

To create an Invitation: 

  1. Click “Invitations” on the left side menu to open the Invitations page. 
  2. Click “Add New.” 
  3. Name your Invitation. 
  4. Click “Availability” to open the calendar. 
  5. Click on a date, add the available time window, and click “Add New” to add it. 
  6. Set your booking window by setting the “Booking Window” toggle in the bottom right. 
  7. Set your “Minimum Scheduling Notice” in the bottom right. 
  8. Open “Advanced Availability.”
  9. Set your “Maximum Availability Per Day.”
  10. Set your “Availability Increments.” 
  11. Set your “Buffer Before Events.” 
  12. Set your “Buffer After Events.” 
  13. Open “Date Details.”
  14. Set your “Date Approval Type” to manually approve or auto-approve. 
  15. Set your “Date Length.” 
  16. Give your date a name in the Name Bar.
  17. Click “Communication” to open the communication options. 
  18. Click “+ Attach” to add a questionaire. 
  19. Click “Share” to find the embed code.
  20. Click “Save” to make the invitation live. 


To make appointment scheduling require manual approval: 

  1. Open the Invitation.
  2. Click “Date Details.”
  3. Click “Manual Approval.” 
  4. Click “Update.”


To reschedule your appointment: 

  1. Open your Sprout Calendar. 
  2. Click on the appointment you need to reschedule. 
  3. Click the “Reschedule Using Invitation” button. 
  4. Click “Update + Email” to open the default invitation to your client email to give them the link to reschedule. 


To send an Invitation directly to a client through a shoot: 

  1. Open the Shoot from the “Shoots” page. 
  2. Click the “Quick Actions” button in the top right corner. 
  3. Click “Create Invitation.”

Check out these help docs related to Invitations in Sprout Studio: