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January 5, 2022

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Sprout Studio Content Creator Policy

Last Updated May 25, 2022.

What is a “Creator Call-out?”

Creator Call-outs are a way for professional photographers to participate in gifted and paid content creation for Sprout Studio.
Sprout Studio users are eligible to earn commission on top of campaign earnings when they join our Sprout Studio Ambassador Program.

*See Ambassador Terms & Conditions upon application.


Creator Call-Outs are for the content we’re seeking to be created, typically as part of a marketing campaign or launch.

We'll post a project brief in our Sprout Studio Ambassador Group outlining the content we're looking for you to create, plus the rate of pay for accepted submissions. Think of it as an online job board for freelance creators! You can apply to any Call-Outs posted that are ‘open' for submissions.

Call-Outs will always specify the:

  • Project idea or title
  • Specs
  • Timeframe and completion date
  • Payment listing
  • Preferred social platform for posting



Call-Outs will be posted to our Sprout Studio Ambassador Group.
When you see a Call-Out you’re interested in, apply via our “Creator Call-Out” form.

The form will guide you with the following fields:

  • The title of the project
  • How you plan to execute the project (this can be in point-form)
  • Include your email address
  • Include your social media handle(s) for CPM rates (if applicable)

Once you've submitted your application, comment on the posting to let us know you've applied!

**Please note:

  • Creators whose applications are accepted will be contacted within 2 business days of applying.
  • Creators must complete and submit their content within 5 days of the original project brief posting.
  • Creators whose submissions are accepted will get paid via Paypal within 5 business days after the completion of the content piece.



Creator “Call-Outs” are for the content we’re seeking to be made, such as Reels, TikToks, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.

Unless specified, Creators applying to a Call-out are not required to post the content they create for Sprout on their own social accounts and are not required to have a large online following or pre-existing audience.

For Creators replying to Call-Outs who do have a large following and want to post the content to their own social platforms, please include such handles in your application for the potential to increase the payment listing if your application is accepted!

Not seeing a Call-Out that inspires you? Pitch us your own idea for sponsored content creation.

These Terms of Use are Binding

1. Understanding the rights and responsibilities after submission:
1.1 Once the content is submitted to Sprout Studio, Sprout has full rights to such content, in perpetuity, for the specified payment listings.
1.2 Creators that apply using social media handles must submit captions or descriptions for pre-approval, which also must include the hashtags: #SproutCreator and #sponsored clearly stated and visible.
1.3 Creators must have a Paypal account to receive payment.
1.4 Creators whose applications are accepted must complete and submit content within 5 days of original posting.
1.5 Creators whose submissions are accepted will get paid via Paypal within 5 business days after the completion of the content piece.


We may change this Creator Policy as we may deem necessary from time to time, or as may be required by law. Any changes will be immediately posted on our website (www.getsproutstudio.com). At the top of the modified Creator Policy, we will include the date upon which it was last updated. We recommend that you check this page regularly to be informed of updates. If we apply substantial changes to this Creator Policy, we will notify you of such changes.


Any questions, comments, or concerns relating to this Creator Policy and/or other Collabscape programs, please email jules@sproutstudio.com

You can also send a letter to Sprout Studios Inc.,110 James St., Suite 303, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, L2R 7E8