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January 5, 2022

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Did you know about these Sprout Features?

Book clients with one simple link using custom booking proposals on Sprout!
Ashley Newman @ashleynewman.photography

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sprout! Their customer service is top-notch, they are constantly adding new things to improve their platform and they have saved me SO MUCH TIME!

Don't pay more for less

Why pay for multiple disconnected systems when Sprout Studio has everything you need and more in ONE place!

Design Proofs

A Design Proof can either be attached to a specific shoot or sent separately. They give you an easy way to upload, organize and present your book and album designs to your clients in a simple, elegant and streamlined way. Your clients can make comments and request changes exactly where they need to be made by clicking anywhere on any part of the design or photo.
"Design Proofs is one of my all time favorite features of Sprout! One of my favorite parts is that clients can click and comment right on the specific part they are referring to!"

Grouped Templates

With Grouped Templates, you can organize and find any template you need with efficiency and convenience. Our free Sprout Template Library has dozens of email templates, contract templates, questionnaire templates, payment schedules, and more that you can categorize from any of your settings pages.
"I love grouped templates! Cleaned up my workflow and makes it faster to find things."

Payment Schedules

A Payment Schedule allows you to specify how and when a client pays you. A payment schedule can be made up of as many payments as you'd like, each payment follows a simple how much is due when formula. You can set up automatic reminders for clients to pay you, and let Sprout handle the calculations of it all so you know you're pricing yourself properly!
"I LOVE that I can set my wedding payments to have a retainer and then the rest due 30 days before the wedding, and it does it AUTOMATICALLY EVERY TIME!! SUCH a time saver. I used to have to do MATH gasp on every wedding booking, and now I don't and I love love love it."

More Features, More Opportunities!

With over 35 features in your Sprout Studio account and to help you run your business, there are plenty of opportunities for you to save time, make money, and keep organized! There are even smaller (yet equally impactful) features you may not know about!

"Sprout Studio has replaced at least 5 different programs I was using! My business is more efficient and professional because of their software!"

Ashley Newman

Family Photographer

"I am not even kidding it is going to cut my studio manager's job in half which means she will be able to help more with marketing, which means we will grow more, which means our team can grow...YAY"

Abbey Kyhl

Wedding Photographer

"It has really streamlined my workflow saving me so much time, which in turn gives me more time for other things, like spending more time with my family!"

Keri Myers

Newborn Photographer

Sprout Studio has made me a happier and less stressed photographer. Everything I need to run my business is in one place and easily accessible whether I am at the studio or on the go!"

Cat Herndon

Portrait Photographer

Why Sprout Studio?

There are a lot of options out there - studio management tools, CRMs, galleries and more. So, why Sprout Studio? Well, because of the all-in-one difference! Emily told us - "believe me ... the only reason my life isn't a COMPLETE mess, is because of Sprout."
Other CRMs
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  • Inquires & Clients
  • Emails
  • Proposals & Contracts
  • Workflows
  • Online Booking
  • Calendar Integration
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Payment Processing
Other Gallery Software
  • Online Galleries
  • Payment Processing
  • Album Proofing
  • Digital Downloads
  • Virtual IPS
  • Print Sales
  • Product Sales
  • Slideshows
  • Lab Integration
Why pay for multiple systems when you can have it all-in-one!? Learn why Doug says "Sprout does all the things" he used to have to pay multiple tools to do. Now that he's brought them together, he can "do it all WAY better and it looks so much better. It's never been this easy or clear!"

Find out all the feature details when comparing other tools vs Sprout Studio: