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January 5, 2022

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If you don’t care, why should anyone else?

Bryan Caporicci, Professional wedding photographer and CEO/Founder of Sprout Studio About Bryan

I was exhausted. We had already been photographing for 10 hours and had several more to go. I had just spent the whole day on my feet in the heat. The wedding reception is often a welcomed break where we can finally sit, enjoy a quick bite to eat and slow the pace down a bit.

I looked to my right through the tent that overlooked the vineyards and saw the sun slowly going down. The way the light kissed the top of the vines with a warm glow was mesmerizing.

I wanted to just sit. I wanted to just relax, even if it was only for a few minutes.

But I knew this was a shot not to be missed.

My bride and groom were enjoying their meal and mingling with guests. I knew it had been a long day for them, too. But I knew that if I didn't ask them to join me for 5 minutes for a quick sunset session, that I would regret it.

I forced my body to get up, took a chance, and asked them. They happily agreed.

We walked to the edge of the vines, only 15 feet outside of the tent, where we the rest of the guests continued to enjoy their meal. I told my bride and groom to take a moment and breathe in the day. Reflect on what is now behind us, and take notice of the fact that they are now married. They are husband and wife.

This is the moment that I captured.

If we don't care, why should our couples?

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They often say that the camera is more like a mirror – your mood, state-of-mind and energy, are all reflected back through your lens. Everything in me wanted to just relax for a few minutes as I sat down for the reception. I didn't want to bug my couple. I could easily have let the moment pass. But I didn't.

Because if I don't care, why should anyone else?

Keep your energy high, your drive activated and your passion fuelled. Pursue the moment, and chase every opportunity you can, even when you don't want to. Because if you don't, no one will. If you don't care, why should anyone else?

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