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Welcome to our hub of free resources tailored to photographers looking to thrive in business. Dive into our curated collection of podcasts, articles, guides, and strategic calculators designed to elevate your photography business to new heights.


The Business of Photography Podcast

Explore the intricacies of the photography business with our acclaimed podcast. Learn strategies, tactics, and insider tips from industry experts and business specialists. Gain concrete ideas to enhance your professional photography venture, all served with a no-fluff approach to help you succeed.



Stay updated and informed with our extensive collection of articles. Our blogs cover a diverse range of topics relevant to photographers, from marketing strategies and client relations to equipment reviews and industry trends. Discover fresh insights and actionable advice to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

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Our collection of guides are tailor-made for photographers seeking to elevate their craft and gain valuable knowledge. Each guide is designed to offer invaluable insights, strategies, and tips to streamline your workflow, enhance your creativity, and boost your success in the world of photography.

GPIS Calculator Guide

We created the Growth Potential Indicator Score (GPIS) as a theory & formula for measuring whether something is worth pursuing. Cut through the noise and know where to focus your effort!

Winning Week Formula

We created the Winning Week Formula to help photographers balance their time and increase their productivity. If you don’t know how to optimize your time properly, this resource is the answer.

2024 Industry Report print out for Professional Photographers

Industry Report 2024

We sent a survey to 1,000s of professional photographers to better understand how 2023 was looking for them and what they were thinking about, worried about and excited about moving in 2024.

Industry Report 2023

The 2023 Industry Report offers insights into the challenges of 2022 and aspirations of photographers in 2023, derived from a comprehensive survey. It highlights common concerns such as lead generation, client booking, and income stability.

Brand Log

Optimize your branding with our Brand Log. Easily input your brand elements like colors and fonts, ensuring consistency across all platforms and client interactions. Seamlessly transfer your branding to our Gallery Cover Designer for a cohesive client journey.

Workflows Map

Streamline your client journey with our Workflow Map. Organize tasks chronologically and seamlessly transfer them to a Sprout Workflow. Never miss a beat as you plan tasks, actions, and milestones, ensuring efficiency from start to finish.
Start crafting your dream client experience…

Financial Freedom Framework

The Financial Freedom Framework to provides detailed insights into constructing and maintaining financial freedom within your photography business. Listen to episode 470 of ‘The Business of Photography’ podcast for guidance in completing the workbook.



Refine your pricing strategy effortlessly with our tailored calculators, designed to master the art of pricing your photography services. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, our calculators provide essential guidance for pricing prints, sessions, albums, and future ventures. Make informed decisions that resonate with your market and honour your talent, transforming your passion into profit!

8x10 Prints Pricing Calculator
Newborn Session Pricing Calculator
Wedding Album Pricing Calculator
Growth Potential Indicator Score Calculator

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