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Ellie McKinney

Within her first year going full-time – Ellie earned six figures. 10+ years later, Ellie knows a thing or two about running a successful and profitable photography studio.

"I know my clients are going to be well taken care of..." says Ellie,

“…I love Sprout Studio because it keeps me organized. With my workflows, I know I am not going to forget anything. My clients love it because everything is streamlined and simple for them. And because everything is kept in one place, they can always go back to it just by clicking on the link to their client portal. It’s simple! They love it. We love it.”

Why Ellie Chooses Sprout

Some of Ellie's favourite features:

Template library

With the Template Library built right into your Sprout account, photographers save 30+ hours a month eliminating the busy work. 

Introducing the Ellie McKinney Wedding Workflow bundle - that includes 18 powerful emails that will change your client experience!

Ellie's Resources

Ellie McKinney has achieved success through helping numerous clients achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Her expertise in marketing, sales, and leadership has made her a sought-after consultant in the business world.

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21 days free trial + 20% off, on Ellie!

21 days free trial + 20% off, on Ellie!

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