Email 4: Unlock the Power of Email Templates


It’s time to level up your client communications.

Oh, and save time.

What’s the secret, you ask? Email templates!

Think of it this way – why write the same email over and over again when you can do it once and reuse it every time you need it? So here’s how you can follow the 3Cs framework to start building an email template library that will shave hours off your week:

  1. Capture: Every time you get an email from a client, ask yourself, “will I get this kind of question again?” and if so, then write the email down.
  2. Craft: When writing a reply anyway, take a few more minutes to write a generic reply and save it as a template.
  3. Customize: Whenever you encounter a question or need to use an email you’ve written a template for, grab your template, slightly tailor it for the client you’re sending it to and send it.

By doing this, you’ll:

  • Save time
  • Send more thoughtful answers
  • Give more consistent replies
  • Streamline your communications
  • Lower your reply time on emails
  • Have happier clients
  • Reduce inbox anxiety and inbox clutter

And hey, if even this simple process sounds overwhelming, don’t stress. We get it. You’re a creative genius, not a professional writer. But we’ve got your back! When you sign up with Sprout Studio, you get to steal our email templates and use them as if you wrote them. We have replies and templates for things like …

How to email your clients when their photos are taking longer than expected.

What to say when someone uses your photos without your permission.

How to reply when a potential client says you are too expensive.

… and so much more.

But otherwise, get started with the 3Cs framework today and see how much of an impact it is!

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