Email 9: How to Stand Out as a Photographer


Being a photographer today can sometimes feel like being a grain of sand on a crowded beach.

How do you stand out?

Well – you can cut through the noise.

See, most photographers do the same thing, so it’s no wonder they blend in with each other. But they’re not the ones reading this email. They haven’t raised their hand to learn how to be strategic about their positioning.

They’re on autopilot. Not you, though. That’s why you’re destined for greatness.

We published an article and podcast about how to be the photographer everyone remembers.

You’ll learn the 5 brand differentiators and how to craft a client-focused value proposition.

  1. Talk their language – Stop speaking at your clients; talk to them! Create a sense of connection and understanding, and they’ll feel like you’re able to “get” them better than anyone else.
  2. Unleash your unique spark – Learn to answer the question “What makes me different?” in just 3 sentences and then put that everywhere.
  3. The power of happy clients – Chat with your top 5 clients and find out their worries, how you made magic happen, and what they loved most. Then share their stories like confetti everywhere!
  4. People skills that rock – Have you read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie? If not, dive in! Learn to build rapport and connections like a pro.
  5. Be consistent – Stop chasing every shiny trend. Be a rock of consistency instead with an established, unique style and approach. Let your clients know you’re solid – every time.

Read more or listen here!

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