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02feb2:00 pm3:30 pm⏱ Productivity for photogs - get more done in less timeLearn how to multiply your time! You can get more done in less time, you just need to follow a few simple strategies. Let's discuss productivity, systems and streamlining for photographers!

Room Show Notes

📸 Photographer Lifecycle

How do you make money?

  1. Someone finds you = marketing
  2. They book you = selling
  3. You perform a service = shooting
  4. They pay you = pricing

If you’re doing something NOT on this list, you’re not making money! (These are the 4 core functions).

⏰ Productivity Framework

How can you spend more time on the list above☝️, and less time doing everything else?

  1. Automate = hands off
    What do you NOT need to do?
    – Transactional emails
    – Invoice reminders
    – Bill collecting
    – Scheduling
    – Email marketing (drip campaigns)
    – Anything you send routinely to every client, every time
  2. Systemitize = semi hands-off
    How can you get as close to automating without actually automating?
    – Email templates
    – Auto-replies
    – Develop presets
  3. Streamline = optimize the process
    – How can you be more efficient? Where are there leaky holes? How?
    – Document everything you do, as if you had to teach it to someone else
    – SOP** (see Key Takeaways below)
  4. Be more productive
    – Focus, not multitasking
    – Time chunking
    – Time constraints
    – 1 inbox

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Most photographers spend time working IN their business instead of ON their business
    • Worker bee mode = IN
    • CEO mode = ON
  • Templates help you systematize your thoughts – help you not react (message is more thoughtfully composed – which you can now tweak)
  • SOP = Standard Operating Procedure – documenting  the process/workflow of a particular task in your business – now you have a repeatable formula (a checklist)
    • Benefits: (1) You don’t miss anything; (2) Mental Health; (3) Scaling your business – growing/training a team
  • Outsource what you can! Delegate what is important/urgent!
  • What can you eliminate?

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💬 Room Discussion & Questions

  • Map out your “Perfect Week: when are you most productive, when are you most likely to be distracted, when are you most social?
  • End out your day with CLOSURE. No open loops. (ie. 30 mins of correspondence time at the end of your day) = Help’s you take control of your business daily, not feel overwhelmed!
  • Opportunity costs:

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