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20jan3:00 pm4:30 pm💰 How photographers can make more money with wedding albumsLet's chat about how you can make more money, have happier clients and show your work off beautifully with wedding albums. Come, discuss, ask questions and let's brainstorm together!

Room Show Notes

🤝 Kiss Books & Sprout Studio

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🏛 4 Fundamentals

  1. Believe in albums: you – yourself – as a photographer need to believe it (conceptually) if you’re going to sell it
  2. Couples WANT it: couples today are unlikely “longing” for a USB stick – the want the heirloom
  3. Quality/Access/Communication: give your clients something they can’t get elsewhere (physical product AND/OR experience)
  4. Make it easy: too many options are overwhelming, your process (workflow) may be too complicated, too many barriers (upgrades, paper thickness, cover finish, etc.)

💭 Did you know?

  • Consumer Stat: 70-80% of “DIY album makers” that get started, do not finish/ditch it!! If you think there isn’t a need, there is!

🤔 How to respond to common kickback

  1. “I’m not a good salesperson” = change your perspective! 
    What if you’re just “serving” them like how you “serve” photography?
    ***It is a disservice to the photos/experience they paid for not to offer such.
  2. “My couples can’t afford it” = clients WON’T afford them…
    You have justify the value in them!
    Value formula: 1 = value they get > 2= money they part with
    #1 needs to be greater than #2
    ***You can also offer them payment plans! (Ex. allow pro-longed payments and delivery it on their 1 year anniversary)
  3. “My clients are not near me” (Aka Elopements)
    Get creative! How much do you want to invest in this? Is the return worth it?
    Ex. Show them on a video call; Provide a “preview” virtual/digital album; Send an album with a return label; Send a mini album kit (with swatches)
  4. “My clients don’t like their albums” (not what they expected)
    Firstly, this is very rare!
    Set the expectation. Do this at the initial client consultation! Ex. “First thing you’re going to see after your wedding is the design of your album. Within those 2 weeks, you get 3 rounds of changes (swap photos, add photos/pages) before the agree upon final product”. Make them a part of the experience while maintaining control!

🔑 Key takeaways

  • Photographers = control the album, clients = allow them to make changes — otherwise, it will fall through…
  • Albums are apart of your customer’s journey! Make it become known, that this is apart of your experience = more referrals, more products sold, and so on!
  • Showcase your albums over your platforms – website, social, etc.! (Ex. via Instagram stories)
  • There is an emotional attachment when clients see their photos – show them!

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