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29jan11:00 am12:20 pm📷 Wedding photog talk: the power of guided testimonialsNot all reviews are the same! Join Bryan and Nathan as we talk about building power social proof through artfully crafted testimonials.

Room Show Notes

📢 The Impact of Testimonials

So you notice you’ve got some reviews on Google. So you pull them and put them on your website but… Is there a better way?

NOTE: If you ask for reviews, you are already doing 90% better than what most photographers are doing!

But, there is still room for improvement…

👎 3 Mistakes of Testimonials

When you ASK, it’s typically:

  1. Self-serving: these needs to be positioned differently (client is the hero, not you)
  2. Blindly: not guided = not meaningful (ie. aka “Bryan was great and made us laugh”)
  3. Wrong time: comes from nowhere (aka asking people from 5 years ago because you’re now just redoing your website)

🔑 Benefits of Testimonials

  1. Social Proof – people want to buy things that other people buy
  2. Combat objections – addressing these problems without providing a “sales-y” pitch
  3. Sales tool – helps you differentiate yourself from competitors

🌟 How to Get Better Testimonials

  1. Understand what you want to say – how can you serve their clients?
  2. Reach out – preference to recent clients (the recency effect***)
  3. Interview – that client, guide the conversation, hit key points (making a video is an easy way to go back and transcribe things)
  4. Transcribe and clean up – to 1 long review, 6-8 short ones***
  5. Send back – to the client to approve
  6. Post the long one where it’s meaningful to you – The Knot, print material, social, etc.
  7. Use the short ones everywhere – website, PDFs, etc.

⏭ “Transition Interviews” in your Client’s Journey

  • Getting feedback at every milestone of your client’s journey for you (ie. ask them questions right after an engagement session, right after an IPS session, and so on…)
  • Uses the recency effect to its advantage
  • More powerful context!!
  • ***Do NOT do these interviews via a questionnaire or email (only use email to initiate/schedule the call or meet-up, DON’T ask the questions in email)

💬 Room Discussions & Questions

  • Use video testimonials? YES! Record it and transcribe the video into text. MULTIPLE USE with video!!
  • What if the testimonial uses poor grammar and spelling errors? What do you do? Yes, clean it up and send it back for APPROVAL (ie. “Hey, we summarized the feedback you sent to us. We plan on showcasing it here. How do you feel about it?)
  • What’s the best way to follow-up? What if the testimonial falls through? (Ghosted) It is a big ask. They may be busy… Make it as easy as possible!! Instead of saying, “Hey here’s the link, can you write me a review?” Ask them if they have 5-10 minutes to hop on a call and ask for their input. Then transcribe it and send it back for approval.
  • What about Google Reviews, those are still important? Yes, they are! Once you transcribe those interviews and send them back to the client for approval. Ask if they can COPY + PASTE the long-form version to Google, Yelp, etc.
  • What do we actually ask our clients (for most value)? Shift your thinking through the lens of experience design (how can you design a better experience for people). Asking the questions when it makes the most sense (aka. asking after the engagement session: “What were unsure/worries/nervous about before the session? How did you feel after? What was the first thing you said together after the session?)
    • 3 easiest questions: What were you 1. THINKING, 2. FEELING, and 3. DOING
    • Try not to get too scripted – it becomes too strict – instead, go in and truly listen!
  • Bad testimonials = good feedback. These conversations are happening regardless if we’re listening or not… Don’t use these as testimonials BUT instead, use them as a way to improve yourself and your business!
  • Seem like they’re raving fans – but then don’t respond? Get out of the habit of just “asking” for reviews. We’re making our clients burn these mental calories. Don’t send blindly. Don’t send questionnaires. Get on the phone call or schedule that meetup!
  • What’s the process of the phone call? Make it casual! Let them know you just want their feedback/to get their opinion! Mention you are recording so you can go back to relisten (Don’t say you’re trying to get a “testimonial” – their wording will change)
  • Should I include an incentive to get a review? Not the right way to start that conversation. Different motive.

🔑 Key Take-Away

  • EDUCATION WITHOUT ACTION IS ENTERTAINMENT. Do the thing, specifically the things above ^^^ 😉

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