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22jan11:00 am1:05 pmπŸ–₯ Website mistakes to avoid as a photographerWhat makes up a good website? A good design? Nice colours? Pretty pictures? A well-thought-out brand? What if none of that mattered? Avoid these website mistakes and let's chat!

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πŸ€” What makes up a good website?

A good design? Nice colors? Pretty pictures? A well-thought-out brand?

What if none of that mattered? 🀯 All this stuff is important but…

Today we’re talking about what is necessary to build a website/design for your visitor’s digital experience so that you can get more inquiries and book more clients πŸ’°

πŸ›πŸ–₯ Website

You need to make your website about the SINGULAR visitor – not you!

You MUST ask these questions:

  1. Who are you talking to? Talk to one person.
    – How many times on your website do you say “Me, I, Myself” as opposed to “You”
    – Do the research on who that person is. Create buyer personas (give them a name, age, etc. – aka demographics)
    – πŸ“š MUST-READ: Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller
  2. Β What are they trying to accomplish?
  3. Β How can you help them?
  4. Β What “path” can they follow to get what they’re looking for?

πŸ›πŸ’Ό Portfolio

  • Include images everywhere
  • Show images 1-at-a-time
  • Show full sets or stories, not a “best of” album
  • Don’t overwhelm
  • Show what you want to shoot
  • Remove the “story” that you have about images (the copy)
  • Tell stories with images
  • Keep color and B&W together

πŸ›πŸ”‘ Overall Key Points

  • Keep it simple
  • Call to action (CTAs) on each page!
    – Have a global “Get Started” button
  • Put your phone number on your site
    – Have a separate business phone number
    – Tools: Google Business Phone Number; Text Now app; Ooma
  • Guide your visitors
  • Simplify the nav
  • Pick a primary goal
  • Sprinkle testimonials THROUGHOUT your website – don’t have a separate “Reviews” page
  • Reach out for testimonials = you guiding the conversation (but don’t put words in their mouth) – instead, find out what makes you different!
    – Get 1 long-form and a few short-liners. Put in a google doc and review with your clients to make sure it’s OK
    – Transition Interviews: map out your customer journey – at each milestone/point do a transition interview to gain positive and negative feedback (record with permission)
  • Hire a copywriter!! Communicate consistently!
  • Having video testimonials = FIRST, where is this video going on your page? SECOND, guide the questions = get specific (don’t give generic questions because you’ll get generic answers – aka, “How did you like your experience” a no, no!)
  • Show your face as a photographer! Let them get to know you – build that connection immediately!


πŸ’­ Room Questions & Discussions

  • πŸ’­ Pricing on a website?
    – Have a ball-park, starting price, display the benefits (don’t give everything)
    – Pricing = logical mindset but your website = emotional mindset
    – Frame your price = gives value
  • πŸ’­ Too many CTA’s?
    – Yes. Don’t have too many distractions or too many options (the paradox of choice).
    – Each page needs to lead to the next!
    – “Find out more about our process” button instead of “Contact Us Now” x4 (esp if you have a Contact form page)
    – Try: Next & Previous CTA’s (Step 1, 2, 3, 4… Book)
  • πŸ’­ Being friends with clients?
    – Relationships are #1. But don’t mistake that for being BFFs (you still can and it sometimes happens). In terms of your website, potential clients aren’t coming to find a friend. They have a problem that needs to be solved (photos), your copy needs to resolve this!
  • πŸ’­ What if I offer different markets of photography (wedding vs newborn)
    – What makes them different? How can you let them self identify?
    – Provide different URLs (Ex. BryanPhotos.com/commerical/ – so these clients don’t even see wedding content)
    – When you INDEX these pages, Google will more likely pull these pages compared to your main page!!
    – Don’t design or build your website for SEO (what SEO actually means, Google is trying to give relevant results to its users based on their needs) = DESIGN for people!
    – Use SEO in blogs, marketing, Youtube, etc. instead!

✏️ 4 Tips for Copywriting

  1. Put it all in one place – it gives you a holistic view (makes sure pronouns, flow, the story is consistent)
  2. Use a tool called Grammarly (not just spelling mistakes – advice for tone, intent, run-on sentences)
  3. Read your copy OUT LOUD to yourself
  4. Read it OUT LOUD to someone you know

Or hire someone to do it! Make sure this person knows you = remain authentic!

πŸ“’ Easton Reynold’s Take


Marketing to Millenials vs to Boomers is DIFFERENT

  • Use to be portfolio heavy… not anymore! The focus is now on…
  • What is the experience like working with you? Why is it different than working with the thousand other options?
  • Use video to (80% more likely to engage, 60% more likely to convert)
  • Don’t rely on SEO!

Easton’s CompanyπŸ‘‰ The Art of 6 Figures

πŸ”— References + Links

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