january 2021

15jan11:00 am12:00 pmWedding Photography RoundtableDiscussions about all things wedding photography

Room Show Notes

💡 5 core competencies every photographer must have in order to have growth

  1. Action – You must do. Success doesn’t wait for those who are lazy, and if you want to move on the path to success, you must actively chase it. You must become a do’er!
  2. Consistency – You must have consistency in your action. It cannot come-and-go in waves. Otherwise, your path will end up looking like the mess of spaghetti that most photographers deal with.
  3. Intention – Don’t confuse motion for progress – you must act and act with intention. You must move towards your goal in a very deliberate and purposeful way. The intention is key, which is why we spent the first part of this conversation focused on defining our goals, so we know where we’re moving. It helps us act with intention.
  4. Measurement – You must have a way of measuring your progress, so you know if you’re moving in the right direction.
  5. Criticism – You need to be critical of yourself. You need to not accept anything for face value, and you need to question everything you’re considering doing. Deploying this as a practice will help you make better decisions, be less reactionary, and make the most of those decisions you do make.


📈 3 main indicators of growth:

  1. Does this opportunity increase profitability  (not income or revenue***)?
  2. Does this opportunity increase your efficiency or save you time?
  3. Does this opportunity increase your skillset?

*Use these indicators for ANYTHING – buying new equipment, attending a tradeshow, working on Facebook campaigns, etc.


🏛 Core pillar

Success in photography is = 80% business and 20% photography

  • CEO mode = working on your business
  • Worker bee mode = working in your business


⚠️ Remember:

  • Strategy = ZOOM OUT – big picture concept
  • Tactic = ZOOM IN – the action
  • Many of us just want to dive first into tactics – we see others doing the thing, so we want to do the thing too. We need to remember that strategy comes first. PLAN!


📚 Book references:


📣 Article references:


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