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Running a business has never been easier

Book more clients with Sprout

Let your clients self-book their sessions with you by sending a beautiful booking proposal. A guided, private website where your client can choose a package, sign a contract, pick a date/time and pay, all by themselves!

Scheduling made streamlined

Make it easy for your clients to connect with you by using our built-in scheduler. Customize your availability for meetings, shoots and appointments, limit the number of meetings per day, specify the length of your meetings and even sync your Google Calendar. Seriously, we do it all. 

A stress-free way to send contracts

Once your client reviews the booking proposal, signs the contract digitally, and pays you, all you have to do is countersign and done! The proposal automatically becomes a legal document between the two of you. 

Sprout Contact Form

Generate new leads with contact forms

Easily populate your Sprout account with contacts by sending out your custom-built contact form! Embeddable right on your website to generate new leads in your account.

The flexible invoice option

Create orders and unlimited invoices for your clients that are as flexible as you’d like. Specify billing and shipping details, taxes, payment schedules and more. Making it easy for your clients to pay. 

Keep an eye on your business health with simple bookkeeping

Track your business’s health right in your Sprout account with sales analytics, booking trends, income reports, and more!


Stun your clients with beautifully customized galleries

Gallery Cover Builder

The better gallery option

Show off your work with beautiful client photo galleries in only minutes. Intuitive and straightforward for your clients to use. Easily share, deliver, proof and sell online in one place.

Take a look at the latest update to Galleries!

A virtual IPS experience

Give your clients a guided tour through your images using virtual IPS. Simply send them a link, and Sprout will walk them through selecting, narrowing down, and ordering prints for their home without you having to lift a finger!

Get more sales with your online shop

Grow, market and manage the retail side of your business with your online store. You can customize your offerings exactly how you like on a mobile-optimized site, plus it’s easy to use – delivering a better experience for your clients.

Reduce your workload with lab-fulfilled orders

Lab Integration allows you to send the images your client wants to order from your gallery directly to your lab for printing. Sell beautiful products without adding more work. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Wow your clients with a 3D Visualizer

Offer your clients the flexibility of online shopping with the convenience of in-person sales! Sell prints, products, services and packages with tailored messaging that guides your client through their individual Virtual IPS Gallery.


Get your life back with time-saving automation

A hands-off business experience

Follow our “when this, then that” automation formula and auto-pilot your business with an added touch of personalization. Easy to use and powerful to implement, auto-connects with your new lead, sends invoice reminders, confirms bookings, sends follow-ups when orders are not complete, and so much more.

Sprout Assistant remembers so you don't have to

Create and set reminders for yourself or for your clients with Sprout Assistant. Whether it’s reminding your client when an invoice is due or reminding yourself to countersign a contract – Sprout has you covered. 

Fully integrated with Zapier

Sprout is fully integrated with Zapier, a software which lets Sprout connect with other programs that aren’t directly linked to our software – like QuickBooks for example. 

Client notifications right in your inbox

Get notified about any action your clients take to stay in the loop! If a client has paid for their order, signed a contract, completed a questionnaire, and so much more – you’ll know.


Bring in leads and make more sales

Merge creativity and professionalism with designer emails

Design stunning emails with the fully customizable designer email builder in Sprout Studio. You’ll even get 100+ ready-to-go, pre-written email templates when you sign up!

Email campaigns made easy

Whether it’s a one-time email blast regarding updates, or a drip sequence used to market your products and build relationships – create beautiful email campaigns right in Sprout! 

Track your success with analytics

See the areas in your business where you thrive and the areas that need extra love with sales analytics right in your account! From where you get the most inquiries to what’s driving revenue, Sprout will give you a birds-eye view.

Embeddable features for your website

Embed your schedulers, booking pages, contact forms, and more directly on your website. 


Get client feedback in no time

Revisions made easy with album proofing

Design custom albums for your clients in Sprout and send them out for proofing! Your clients can access the album and favourite images, leave comments, and request revisions for you to see.

The easier way to get feedback

Send clients their gallery, a single image, invitations, and other designs created in your Sprout account for their feedback!

Eliminate the back-and-forth with comments & suggestions

When clients get sent an album or design proof using Sprout, they can click anywhere to leave a comment or suggestion for you! Then you get notified and can make those edits without all the back-and-forth.

Stay in-the-know with your client's favorite images

Clients can narrow down their favourite images in an album or design proof with a quick double-click!


Control your brand aesthetic for you and your clients

Customized branding images

Keep a consistent aesthetic across your business by uploading your logo, brand colors and images to all client communication from emails, schedulers, and galleries to their client portal.

Screenshot of Gallery Cover

Create your ideal cover design

Completely customize your cover designs using Sprout’s cover builder – where you have full creative control.

Back-end themes tailored to you

Sprout isn’t just beautiful for your clients – it’s made for you too! With personalized themes to choose from, you have control over what Sprout looks like on the back end. 

Upload your own watermarks

Upload or create personalized watermarks right in Sprout to add to your images.

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