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Online Galleries

The Gallery component of Sprout Studio allows you to show off your work in awe-inspiring online galleries, enabling you to make more money from online sales while streamlining the whole process!
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Order Prints

Your clients can make purchases and pay for their print order right from their online gallery. Sprout Studio doesn’t take any commission, and you can self-fulfill the print order with whichever lab you’d like!

Order Products

You can sell products and services other than prints in a gallery, and optionally specify how many images your client must choose for those products. For example, if your client is buying an album, you can specify that they must also choose between 75-100 images for that album.

Get paid

With Sprout Studio, you can have your clients pay with a credit card via PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net, or you can have them choose to pay manually, such as by calling you or mailing a cheque.
Manual Payment


Your clients can enjoy a seamless slideshow experience of their gallery with the click of a button, and it looks beautiful! The experience through Sprout Studio gallery slideshows mimics that of a desktop photo browsing software – all on the web!

We’ve pushed the limits of web technology and have unlocked a whole new way of creating dynamic, engaging and distraction-free slideshows. It shows off your photography in the best way possible and puts the emphasis on the image itself, making the medium of the slideshow and the computer screen almost disappear into the background. 

Digital delivery

You can enable digital fulfillment and downloads for individual images or the entire set for just your client, anyone with a password, or anyone at all who visits the gallery. Best of all? You can make that digital download high-resolution, or you can restrict it to a specific width with an optional watermark.
Size & Watermark
You can specify what size (in pixels) digital images are to be delivered at, and can create as many download sizes as you'd like! You can also optionally include a watermark, and specify where the watermark is placed, how big it is and how transparent it is. 
various permissions
You can create various permission levels for downloading images in a gallery, such as for everyone viewing the gallery, just your client when they're logged in, or anyone with a download key you create. 
Specify details
For each download permission level, you can specify whether or not they can download all the images in a gallery or just individual images one-at-a-time.
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Custom Branding

Everything in Sprout is designed to show you off in the best way possible, and you can customize how client-facing pages look with our powerful branding functionality.

Organize into Collections

Organize all of your images from a gallery into folders (collections). This makes the viewing experience for your clients much more streamlined and efficient! 
"When running a business, convenience and consistency is key. With Sprout Studio, clients aren't using multiple platforms, they're going to one place they've seen before, whether it be for a gallery or to sign a contract."
Kaylyn O'Conner
Wedding Photographer


Protect your images online with a Gallery Watermark. You can upload your logo, specify its placement, width and opacity, and have Sprout Studio automatically apply this watermark to all of your images in your galleries!


Your clients can choose their favourite images in their gallery, which are automatically submitted to you. If they revisit their gallery, they can easily pull up their favourites and continue favouriting!   

Placeholder Gallery

Create a placeholder gallery before a gallery is made publicly available so you can collect email addresses of those interested in viewing the gallery. Then, email those visitors to announce when the gallery is available once you publish it.  

Collect Emails

You can optionally add an email-gate to your galleries, so visitors will need to give their email address before viewing a gallery. Then, you can send emails to everyone who has submitted their email address (i.e. to remind them when the gallery is expiring).


Save time by creating gallery templates, which can include gallery folders, pricing details, a watermark, download presets, and much more. This allows you to do the work once and then re-use it over and over again.


Create coupons to be used in galleries towards print orders. You can create a coupon for one-off purposes (i.e. a coupon for a client), or a re-usable coupon (i.e. 20% off for everyone). This allows you to be as flexible as you need to be while still giving you a simple way to entice print sales and ordering.
21-day FREE trial!
Sprout Studio starts at only $17/month. Get set up in minutes. Sign up for your FREE 21-day trial today, no credit card required!
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Online Galleries aren't Enough ...

We believe that Online Gallery software isn't enough. It's only a piece of the puzzle. 

That's why we built Sprout Studio to be an all-in-one system, bringing together all the tools you need to run a successful photography business, so your entire business is connected in one place. Your inquiries, clients, invoices, contracts, galleries, expenses, design proofs and more are all organized together, which saves you time, keeps you organized and streamlines your workflow.  
Studio Management
Keep your clients and sessions organized from start to finish. Streamline your business, create orders, collect payments, sign contracts and more!
Online Galleries
Show off your work in awe-inspiring online galleries, enabling you to make more money from online sales while streamlining the whole process!
Sales Galleries
Offer your clients the convenience and flexibility of online galleries with the proven sales process of in-person sales.
Design Proofing
Easily collect feedback on book, album designs and more. Avoid confusion, unnecessary back-and-forth and streamline the design proofing process!
Stay on top of your numbers and track the health of your business. Measure, grow, succeed.