Professional Photographer Tool to Automate Session Bookings
Sprout Scheduler

Meeting and session scheduling for photographers

From mini-sessions and shoots to meetings, phone calls, workshops and more – let your clients book you and schedule time on your calendar without any of unnecessary back-and-forth.

Save at least 3 hours per month

If you only booked 3 meetings weekly, you’d save at least 3 hours every month using a self-serve scheduling tool vs. the time-consuming back-and-forth with clients, not to mention the hassle and inconvenience you’d save! 

Your calendar should work for you

Many photographers are constantly accommodating client requests and lose control of their time and calendar. With Sprout Studio Scheduler, you regain control, set clear boundaries, and set up your schedule to your liking. It’s time to have the clarity and control you deserve.

Professional Photographer Custom Scheduling Tool
Save time

Streamline client scheduling

Using the Sprout Studio Scheduler simplifies the booking process for you and your clients. They can quickly choose a date and time, eliminating the frustration of finding the right time and removing all the time spent going back and forth. 

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Meet & Greet w/ Donna & Matthew

Professional Photographer Scheduling with Google Integration
Take control

Your calendar, your terms

Take control of your availability down to the minute! Customize your Schedulers with advanced options and settings, ensuring your bookings and calendar look just how you want them to. 

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Reveal appointment w/ K. Mamou Photography


Headshot session w/ LJK Photography

Professional Photographer Scheduling with Google Integration
Professional Photographer Client Session Reminders
Be confident

No more double bookings

Stop worrying about double bookings. Sprout Studio Scheduler syncs seamlessly with your Google Calendar, acting like a full-time assistant to maintain a meticulously organized calendar just how you want it.

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30 minute meeting w/ Cash Captures

Google Calendar syncing

Sprout Studio wwo-way calendar sync with Google

With a true 2-way sync, your calendars are always mirrored on your phone, tablet, laptop and in Sprout

Sprout Studio Scheduler offers a seamless 2-way sync with your Google Calendar, ensuring that any pre-existing appointments automatically block off your available time slots. Say goodbye to double bookings and scheduling conflicts.

Custom availability settings

Professional Photographer Session and Appointment Scheduling

Add time slots to your availability and allow only clients to book on your terms

You define when your clients can book time. Just because a day is open on your calendar doesn’t mean it’s available for clients. You set the rules for booking by adding availability time slots, ensuring that your schedule aligns with your preferences.

Set up custom options, like ...
... and so much more!
See it live


Initial call w/ Rose & Julien

Professional Photographer Session and Appointment Scheduling

Seamless integration with your bookings

Professional Photographer Scheduling Meetings

Combine the power of Sprout’s CRM tools with the convenience of schedulers with booking pages

You can integrate Schedulers directly into Booking Pages so your clients can easily choose a time, book, pay and sign contracts as part of the same workflow. 

Booking Pages and Schedulers are great for ...
... and so much more!
Thoughtful tools to make your life easier

Manual or auto-approval

Save time with pre-built templates

Advanced date naming

Track lead sources with ease

Easy rescheduling

Eliminate double bookings

Integrated questionnaires

Record reasons clients don’t book

Custom date length

Stay organized with statuses, shoot types and more


Automatically track client activity

and so much more!

Sprout Assistant to the rescue

It’s like your entire business is driven by AI,
without any complexity

Step into the future with the Sprout Assistant, with over 30 powerful automations that seamlessly orchestrate your business. From reminders to follow-ups and notifications, liberate yourself from the complexities of minutiae. Streamline communications and embrace a “hands-off” approach, leaving room for your creative genius to flourish while your business thrives on autopilot.

Professional Photography Like-Ai Assistant

Do more with the all-in-one advantage

With Sprout, your CRM tools are just the beginning. You get all the tools you need to run your business in one place. Explore more features built for photographers like you.


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