Galleries, reimagined.

Your most intuitive gallery yet!

Welcome to the all-new Gallery experience in Sprout Studio, designed for both photographers and their clients.

Not only is the functionality and aesthetics of Galleries easier to customize, but its gorgeous design and streamlined layout will leave your clients awestruck by their photos!

Sprout's Cover Designer Builder for your Online Galleries
Aske Martinus Wedding Photographer
"I just want to say to Bryan Caporicci and all of the team, how wonderful it is to see all these updates. I started using sprout after moving my business to a new country. And sprout was one of my biggest yearly subscriptions. But now I can not see myself be without it. And seeing that you all work hard, and create new features that really help our workflow and business overall, is letting me know that I should stay put 😊👍🏻 Great job and have a nice week!"
Aske Martinus
Wedding Photographer
Ashley Newman Family Photographer
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about sprout! Their customer service is top notch, they are constantly adding new things to improve their platform and they have saved me SO MUCH TIME! (Their one program replaced at least 5 different websites I was using!) My business is more efficient and professional because of their software. I can access all my stuff on the go too! I don't know what took me so long to find them, but I am glad I did."
Ashley Newman
Family Photographer
Lauren McCormick Newborn / Maternity Photographer(@laurenmccormickphoto)
"I cannot express how much I love Sprout is the best! Probably one of the best investments I've put into my business. I say that as a part-time photographer, who has a full time job and a family. It helps me stay way more organized. I really can't thank the team at Sprout enough for everything they have done. It's very intuitive and I love that you're constantly reworking things to make them better for us!"
Lauren McCormick
Newborn/Maternity Photographer
Keri Myers Family Photographer(@kerimeyersphoto)
"Sprout has been such a huge help for my life and business. It has really streamlined my workflow saving me so much time, which in turn gives me more time for other things, like spending more time with my family! Bryan and his team have created something amazing - it so nice to have one program where I can manage emails, galleries, albums, contracts, calendars, invoices, payments and more! "
Keri Myers
Family Photographer
Marianne Hope Wedding Photographer
"I love how SproutStudio makes me look professional and keeps everything in one place. I especially like their client portals and the new public pricelists and shop design. They have all the tools a photographer needs. Since I started using Sprout Studio I finally feel like I look properly professional to my clients. Everything is streamlined and simplified for them. My only reason to stop using them would be if I stopped being a photographer"
Marianne Hope
Wedding Photographer
Lisa Yvette Family Photographer
“Easiest CRM to get started right out of the box, support is helpful if you reach out. They have email marketing and online galleries built-in which none of the others do. ”
Lisa Yvette
Family Photographer
"Over the last 12 years I have used 5 different CRM platforms. I feel like I am becoming a professional at setting up CRM's. It seemed like everywhere I went it was MISSING something that was really important to me. Sprout is great CRM that has a great client experience PLUS some good reporting. I have been here for a few months, but only starting setting things up 2 weeks ago but I am JUST loving everything! I finally feel like I have found a HOME. Thank you sprout."
Marie Walkowski
Portrait Photographer

5 New Strategic Features


Build a more meaningful experience for your clients, easier than ever before!

Photographers now have more control over the functionality, aesthetics, and organization of their Galleries in Sprout Studio with the entirely redesigned editing modal and real-time previews.

Showcase your photos on-brand

The new aesthetic and format options in Sprout Galleries let you show off your clients’ photos, on-brand, like never before. From thumbnail spacing and sizing (Pro & Unlimited), light and dark themes (Pro & Unlimited), to navigation and menu choices. You have complete control!

Drag and drop your images seamlessly in Sprout's gallery

Galleries made easy

Interact with your gallery with the new drag-and-drop editor. Working with photos, folders, and customizing your galleries has never been easier! Plus, now send your clients a placeholder gallery and let Sprout notify them when their images are live (Pro & Unlimited)!

Download your favourite gallery images

Downloads done your way

Welcome to your brand new download settings with more controls than ever. Restrict client downloads on a per-folder basis, and change permissions based on visitor type.

Create folders in your galleries to curate your images!

Make folders work for you

Folders (previously called Collections) are more flexible than ever. Now you can even make a Folder hidden from your Gallery, copy a URL and send it to clients to view only via that private link. 

Real-time previews

Preview how your gallery cover will appear to clients as you make the changes in your setting modal. With real-time updates, you can ensure your gallery looks exactly how you envisioned!


Reimagine the way you design your covers with enhanced flexibility.

Find refreshing new designs and increased aesthetic control in Sprout Studio’s Gallery Covers, with granular design settings and the most modern cover templates yet! 

Sprout's Gallery Cover Designer

The better gallery intro

The most functionality in a Cover Designer yet! With additional designer fonts added, customizable layouts, a new palette of (advanced) colours to choose from, CTA button flexility and a customized logo toggle (Pro & Unlimited), you will stun your clients with a professional and beautiful gallery cover. 

Sprout's default Gallery Cover template

Beautiful by default

We’ve built tons of modernized cover templates in your account to choose from! Whether dark and moody or light and airy – you now have default covers to match your brand. (limited options in Lite & Basic plans)

Save your own presets

With the newest Cover Designer, you can create and save gallery cover presets to go back, edit, and use anytime! Once a design or template has been created, it will live preview as a preset in your gallery settings!


A centralized place to organize all gallery-related notifications.

Stay in the loop with your clients using the new centralized activity feed! You’ll now receive notifications about emails sent, favourited images, gallery views, downloads and more all in one place so you can stay organized. 

Stay organized all the time

Now you get a centralized place for all gallery-related activity. From gallery views to image downloads – you’ll have a birds-eye view of every action your clients take.

Your Sprout Gallery Activity Feed shows you the updated stats that you need to know!

Never skip a beat

Sprout will keep activity updates that you haven’t seen, highlighted. That way you know what’s new, what you’ve already viewed and what needs your attention.

Keep tabs on what images your clients order right in your gallery!

Your files, where you need them

Now your downloads from your client orders are organized where you need them – in the order itself. No more jumping around and trying to see where your images went! Easily click on the order # and preview the images your clients picked.


Customize your client's gallery experience like never before.

Stun your clients with the ultimate intuitive Gallery experience that will display your photos with intentionality and beauty.

Set it up your way with ease

Your gallery settings just got a huge upgrade with vastly improved UI/UX! Say hello to a more aesthetic and intuitive settings modal. 

Show off your photos like never before

Create a more streamlined gallery experience for your clients with improved slideshow controls. Now, select where in their gallery a client can view a slideshow, what image the slideshow begins, and what the next steps are once it has ended (Pro & Unlimited).

Add video to your Sprout Galleries

Video? We've got you covered!

Link videos directly in your client’s galleries with the new video function! (Pro & Unlimited)

Upload more, with ease

With unlimited storage now available in your account, the days of managing your gallery storage are gone! (Unlimited plan only)

Go ahead, view it on a phone!

We reimagined the way clients view their galleries on mobile. Now easier than ever before, clients can access and download their images on a mobile device with the same professional look and feel as their desktop. 


Guide your clients down a tailored path by adding dynamic next steps.

You now have a footer at the bottom of your Gallery that dynamically builds itself depending on the toggles you select!

Sprout Galleries Sales Footer

Make it easier for your clients and better for you!

Oversee your client’s next steps in the all-new sales footer at the bottom of your galleries. Whether directing them to a video or to your available packages, your clients get an exceptional experience while you get more sales

Sprout's Sales Footer next steps

Guide clients along your path

Create the path you want your client to take with easy menu navigation on your Cover Design, gallery top menu, and in your Sales Footer. 

Always guide your clients through your gallery process with navigation tools

Navigate seamlessly while always staying on-brand

Curate your session and easily swap between folders, giving your gallery experience a storybook-like approach that your clients will love!


... and much more!

Every Sprout plan receives 12 pre-made, ready-to-go, stunning Gallery Covers that you can start using/customizing right away!

Template library

Done-for-you templates

And it doesn't just stop at Galleries... Sign up for Sprout and get 100s of free templates built right into your account! You could eliminate 30+ hours of "busywork!"

Start using the new Galleries now!

Start using the new Galleries now!

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