Industry Report

We sent a survey to 1,000s of professional photographers to better understand how 2023 was looking for them and what they were thinking about, worried about and excited about moving in 2024.

2024 Industry Report print out for Professional Photographers

About the Report

Our industry – photography – is no stranger to radical transformation.

Think of the massive shift photographers made in the 90s during the transition from film to digital. We aren’t looking at such a big change this year, but we’re going through some interesting transitions, unlike previous years, as we settle into a post-pandemic era.

In this report, we’ll examine the pulse of our industry, not just statistics and data though – quite the opposite. This is about the people behind the lens and their dreams and hurdles. You’ll find a snapshot of an industry in flux.

From the impact of economic uncertainty to the ever-evolving digital landscape, photographers continue to navigate a space where creativity meets business in a profession marked by passion, creativity, and the pursuit of capturing life’s most important moments, but also one that demands resilience and adaptability in the face of change.

Bryan Caporicci CEO of Sprout Studio

40% of photographers expressed concerns about declining bookings, attributing it to economic uncertainty and changing client behaviour.


How has business been, so far in 2023?
How has business compared to last year?
78% of professional photographers experienced low growth
78% of photographers said that they have not grown their business in the last 12 months.


In 2023, photographers encountered various unexpected challenges in their businesses, some related to external factors such as the state of the economy and inflation. Personal circumstances, such as health issues or family situations, have also impacted business operations. There are also mentions of difficulties in managing growth, finding efficient workflows, dealing with increased competition, and adjusting to changes in client behaviour, including last-minute bookings.

20% of photographers mentioned inflation and rising costs are affecting their businesses, leading to pricing and profitability challenges.


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Sprout Studio Professional Photography Business Insights


What's one problem you would love to solve going into 2024?
0 %
0 %
Make more money
0 %
Have more time
0 %
Get more leads
0 %
Stay more organized
What are you worried about now that you haven’t been worried about before?
0 %
A decline in bookings due to economic uncertainty and changing client behaviour.
0 %
Rising inflation costs, affecting pricing and profitability.
0 %
Staying relevant and competitive amid the rise of AI, automation and saturation.

"The economy seems to be affecting my bookings and revenue this year, something I haven't been so concerned about before."


What is the biggest obstacle in your way of achieving your goals?
15% of photographers said time management is one of the challenges of 2024
Time management, work-life balance and personal responsibilities.
10% of photographers said the economy is one of the challenges of 2024
The economy.
What do you need to meet your goals in 2024?
0 %
Improved marketing strategies to get new leads.
0 %
Better automation and time-saving processes.
0 %
Financial support.

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Professional Photography Like-Ai Assistant

"The cost of advertising and maintaining a digital marketing presence versus the amount of revenue to support it is becoming untenable.”


The 3 biggest struggles photographers have right now are:

Marketing and client acquisition:

Many photographers face challenges attracting new clients and increasing their bookings. They are looking for effective marketing strategies to reach their target audience and stand out in a competitive market.

Work-life balance and time management:

Balancing personal life and business commitments is a common struggle. Photographers seek ways to streamline workflows, automate processes, and efficiently manage their time to avoid burnout.

Economic concerns and pricing:

Economic conditions and pricing impact photographers’ businesses. Some are concerned about pricing their services appropriately in a changing economy, while others want to attract higher-budget clients to sustain their businesses.

So now what ... ?

Right now, the most pressing and time-sensitive issue photographers face is marketing and client acquisition. With the photography industry facing shifts in demand and competition, photographers need to address their marketing strategies urgently to attract new clients and maintain a consistent flow of bookings.

2024 Industry Report print out for Professional Photographers

Predictions for 2024

Photographers who focus on the mid to upper end of the market - those who still have disposable dollars -

will continue to book consistently.

Photographers who

double down on proactively getting referrals

from their clients will have a steady stream of new business.

There will be more sustainability for photographers

shift their pricing to be more inclusive and up-front

vs. charging extra for everything and marking up products.

The most successful photographers in 2024 are

those who spend their time behind the camera and in front of clients. Everything else needs to be systematized and streamlined.

With an increase in awareness around AI,

photo manipulation and digital art, clients will not be as willing to pay for digital products and services as they once were.

A shift to heirloom and printed work

will help photographers with post-session sales.

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