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January 5, 2022

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Do other CRMs have all the features you need? Avoid the mess of other disconnected systems and start keeping track of your business in one space!

Why do photographers say it's easy to learn Sprout?

Sprout Studio is a Studio Management Suite that has been intuitively designed with photographers in mind. We make it easy to learn with a 21-day free trial, helpful resources, and a support inbox right in your account!

Reason #1
You get lots of time
Reason #1
You get lots of time
Reason #3
There's a great community to help you
Reason #2
We've built the tools to make it easy
Reason #2
We've built the tools to make it easy
Reason #3
There's a great community to help you
Reason #4
We're always here for you if you need it
Reason #4
We're always here for you if you need it
... plus dozens more!

You have lots of time!

You get a 21-day free trial to explore the software, no credit card required. Accompanied by our resources, you'll have lots of time to learn.

Sprout School makes it simple for you!

Sprout School is a customized learning experience that gives you one-on-one time with our CEO, personally teaching the ins and outs of Sprout! All of our courses are free and guarantee to help you learn 5x faster.

Our "real-life" and live support team!

Sprout Studio works in-office and that includes our Support Team! Yes - they are real people and always willing to help however they can.

We'll be there for you if you need us!

You'll never be left alone to learn our software. With guided tours, in-app tools, extensive help docs, and intuitive features, we've made it easy for any type of learner to excel. 

Your new studio management suite.

All in one place.

Keep everything you need to run your photography business in one place with Sprout Studio. With everything from Online Galleries, Virtual IPS, and Scheduling, to Marketing, Email Templates, and Metrics, Sprout grows your photography business and makes you more money.

Our concierge service will bring over everything from clients, contracts, past and upcoming shoots, inquiry dates, and previous payments, to all of your settings including price lists, questionnaire templates, contract templates, and more!

The DIY tool is a template for your lead and shoot information. Input everything you need to bring over from your old software, so when you switch to Sprout Studio - the data is readily available.

If you are currently locked into another software subscription, Sprout Studio will pay you up to $150 for lost time to switch over!

Why Sprout Studio?

There are a lot of options out there - studio management tools, CRMs, galleries and more. So, why Sprout Studio? Well, because of the all-in-one difference! Emily told us - "believe me ... the only reason my life isn't a COMPLETE mess, is because of Sprout."
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  • Online Booking
  • Calendar Integration
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Payment Processing
Other Gallery Software
  • Online Galleries
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  • Album Proofing
  • Digital Downloads
  • Virtual IPS
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  • Lab Integration
Why pay for multiple systems when you can have it all-in-one!? Learn why Doug says "Sprout does all the things" he used to have to pay multiple tools to do. Now that he's brought them together, he can "do it all WAY better and it looks so much better. It's never been this easy or clear!"

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