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Explore the captivating world of beauty, fashion and portrait photography with Oluwaseun Omosekejimi, the visionary force behind Libarty Studios – a proud Sprout user & partner.

"Sprout is an all-in-one, it has everything I need..." says Oluwaseun,

“…to run my business. It’s comprehensive, I love the UX/UI & it’s easy to personalize!”

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Discover Libarty Studios, where a 2000 sq ft space effortlessly sparks creativity. With versatile set-ups, a dedicated makeup and hair room, and a chic modern lobby, they provide the perfect backdrop for your projects. Armed with cutting-edge gear, their studio becomes your limitless canvas.

Don’t miss out—book now and immerse yourself in the inspiring atmosphere of Libarty Studios.

Oluwaseun's Resources

Renowned for meticulous skin retouching, Oluwaseun not only crafts opulent images exuding luxury but also imparts his expertise through engaging tutorials. His global adventures capture events and landscapes, while collaborations with international brands underscore his exceptional talent.

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