Meet the Team

Get to know a bit about the people behind Sprout Studio!

CEO & Founder
Bryan Caporicci
About Bryan

Work Nickname: B Capp

Fun Fact: Bryan has been a photographer for 17 years!

Enneagram: Fluent in 3/1/8

Unpopular Opinion: Likes ketchup on Kraft Dinner

Bucket List: To show his kids the East and West coasts of Canada

Director of Happiness
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Emily Gibson
About Emily

Work Nickname: Queen of Sprout

Fun Fact: She owns a signed copy of JK Rowling’s Order of the Phoenix

Enneagram: Fluent in 2/9/6

Unpopular Opinion: Beer and Wine are gross

Bucket List: Dining at Club 33

Director of Product & Co Founder
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Chris Bowman
About Chris

Work Nickname: The Jeep

Fun Fact: Chris puts Sriracha in his peanut butter sandwiches

Enneagram: Fluent in 7/2

Unpopular Opinion: Pineapple belongs on pizza

Bucket List: Travel to Japan

Director of Technology
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Rob Thaggard
About Rob

Work Nickname: Just Rob

Fun Fact: He has perfected drawing a hand turkey

Enneagram: Fluent in 1/8

Unpopular Opinion: Thinks everything thicker than a t-shirt is a coat

Bucket List: More of a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy

Director of Customer Success
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Justin Morabito
About Justin

Work Nickname: Big J

Fun Fact: Justin has been a wedding photographer for 7 years

Enneagram: Fluent in 9/6/4

Unpopular Opinion: Ben Affleck was a good Batman

Bucket List: To visit Japan

Director of Brand
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Karly Ruesen
About Karly

Work Nickname: K-Roo

Fun Fact: She’s a classically trained painter

Enneagram: Fluent in 7/2/3

Unpopular Opinion: There’s nothing nice about Winter

Bucket List: To see all 7 wonders of the world

Product Support Jedi
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Andrew Fisher
About Andrew

Work Nickname: A-dawg

Fun Fact: He once met Mike Myers at an acting studio

Enneagram: Fluent in 2/8/6

Unpopular Opinion: He doesn’t like the Big Bang Theory

Bucket List: Ride in a fighter jet

Product Support Jedi
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Vaibhav Shourie
About Vaibhav

Work Nickname: Vader

Fun Fact: Vaibhav’s family owned 8 mountain dogs growing up

Enneagram: Fluent in 7/3/9

Unpopular Opinion: Pineapple belongs on pizza

Bucket List: Scuba-diving

Client Impact Specialist
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Justin Doehler
About Justin

Work Nickname: Lil J

Fun Fact: His favourite colour is specifically “Christmas light” deep blue

Enneagram: Fluent in 2/7/9

Unpopular Opinion: Ketchup by definition, is a smoothie

Bucket List: Complete the 1000lbs challenge

Senior Developer
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Alex Zukowski
About Alex

Work Nickname: Big Al

Fun Fact: Alex likes making video games for fun, and he would like to one day be able to release a full game

Enneagram: Fluent in 4/6/5

Unpopular Opinion: Thinks coffee is gross

Bucket List: To go to Japan

QA Testing & Tech Support Investigator
Chris Mayo
About Chris

Work Nickname: Extra Mayo

Fun Fact: Chris has a Shiba Inu dog named Mika

Enneagram: 6/5/9

Unpopular Opinion: PCs are better than Macs

Bucket List: Travel the world

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Nic Gardner
About Nic

Work Nickname: Sir Nic

Fun Fact: Nic developed his own video game

Enneagram: Fluent in 6/9/4

Unpopular Opinion: Hotdogs are not sandwiches

Bucket List: Make a bucket list

Graphic & Media Designer
Tanya Khatcherian
About Tanya

Work Nickname: T

Fun Fact: She can type at 145 WPM with 98% accuracy

Enneagram: Fluent in 6/5/9

Unpopular Opinion: Crocs are fantastic

Bucket List: To visit Japan

Communications Specialist
SproutHeadshotsFullRes 10
Lauren Cumpson
About Lauren

Work Nickname: Lorem Ipsum

Fun Fact: Lauren’s been skydiving 3 times (once in Australia)

Enneagram: Fluent in 3/7/2

Unpopular Opinion: Oreos are gross

Bucket List: See the Aurora Borealis


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