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January 5, 2022

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Sprout users make double the money and get back 28 hours each week. See the difference for yourself ...
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3 weeks of awesomeness on us!
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The only photography podcast featured in “Best of iTunes 2014” by Apple!

Bryan Caporicci, Professional wedding photographer and CEO/Founder of Sprout Studio About Bryan


There is no shortage of education today. You can go to many different mediums and platforms to learn how to grow as a photographer and entrepreneur. I’ve talked many times before on SproutingPhotographer.com about educational opportunities for photographers:

Here’s one educational platform that I am obviously passionate about – podcasting.

Podcasting has become a household name

iTunes-Best-of-2014-Photography-Business-Podcast-InfographicAccording to an Edison Research study in 2014, there are over 39 million American’s that listen to podcasts monthly. That’s huge! Of those, podcasts take up 25% of their “ear share”, meaning that a quarter of their time listening to any kind of audio is spent listening to a podcast. That’s tied with AM/FM radio. Wow!

The future is changing, and podcasts have become more commonplace as a form of education. There’s a reason that Apple now includes the Podcast app by default on every new iPhone, iPad and iPod, as well as on every installation of iOS8. It's the same reason that car manufacturers are now connecting their cars to the internet and are including the ability to listen to podcasts natively in-car.

That reason? Podcasts are huge!

Want more data? In 2013, Apple announced that podcast subscriptions reached 1 billion and around 225,000 shows. And that number has tripled in the last 5 years. Huge growth!

Another interesting metric to show that podcasting has reached a high commercial status, here is a list of the average CPM rate that marketiers pay on the varying advertising mediums:

  • Podcasting = $20 – 45
  • Radio = $1 – 8
  • TV = $5 – 20
  • Web = $1 – 20

That's right … podcasts are seen as the highest value to advertisers who want to market their message.

All this being said? Let’s just say that podcasting is huge. Many are saying that we’re in the resurgence of podcasting. We’re excited to be a part of it.

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Sprouting Photographer – The Business of Photography

Our podcast – The Business of Photography Podcast – features weekly interviews and discussions about specific, actionable business fundamentals for photographers. Topics like sales, pricing, marketing, branding, customer experience, mindset and so on.

We publish 2 podcasts weekly, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and every-other-week, we publish our “Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen” episode on Saturday.

Best of iTunes 2014

We’re honoured to announce that Apple has featured us in “Best of iTunes 2014”.

Of all the 225,000+ podcasts in iTunes, we were featured to be one of the best. Wow! In the list, there are podcasts from every category, but there are only 3 business podcasts, and we're 1 of the 3. And … we are the only photography podcast!

To give a bit of context into our fellow “Best of iTunes 2014” recipients, the other 2 business podcasts are the Tim Ferris Show and StartUp. Tim Ferris is a world-renown entrepreneur, author and investor, whose net-worth is $20 million. StartUp is run by Alex Blumberg from This American Life, and his startup (for which his podcast is showing the behind-the-scenes of) just recently secured investments with a valuation of $10 million.

Other podcasts on the list include the Adam Carolla Show, TED Talks, several shows from CBC Radio and others. We’re thrilled to be in this company!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for listening to our podcast! We are getting over 30,000 downloads monthly, and growing at a rapid pace! We do this all for you, and while the recognition from Apple is a welcomed surprise, the real award is the changes that we’re helping you make in your photography business.

We’d also like to send a huge thank-you to our past (and upcoming) guests on the podcast. I used to list them whenever I would talk about our podcast, but now there are way too many to list! We’ve pretty much had everyone who’s anyone on the show, and we have lots more great guests planned for you!

Thank you to everyone for your support! Listen on!

Listen to our podcast

If you've been listening to our podcast all along – thank you, again! If you're new and haven't listened to it yet, we'd love if you would join us. You can subscribe in iTunes here or listen to episodes right on our website here.

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    • Bryan Caporicci
      Yours means more to me. Don't tell Apple. LOL
    • Bryan Caporicci
      Thanks Abbas!
  • So pleased for you. Sprout is a truly great resource and I always look forward to the next episode in anticipation. Now go celebrate!! Take care, Ross (UK)
    • Bryan Caporicci
      Thanks Ross - appreciate it!
    • Bryan Caporicci
      Thanks Mimika :)

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