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January 5, 2022

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Grow your photography business. Studio management suite built for photographers by photographers.
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No more time wasters

You've got a lot to keep up with. The last thing you need to do is waste your time with unnecessary back-and-forths. With Sprout Studio Invitations, you can automate your scheduling and spend your time on the important things!


Invitations with unlimited flexibility

Your schedule, your way. 

Invite people to schedule an appointment, a coffee meetup, an IPS session, a photo shoot, or whatever you'd like! You configure your availability and the options and your client can select a date and time that works for them. Your invitations will even cross-check your Google Calendar to make sure everything jives!

Specify your availability

Time slots. Specify what days of the week (and when) you're available. Set recurring availability or one-off, whatever works best for you!
Booking window. Choose when an invitee can pick a date - between a specific window, over a rolling number of days or indefinitely into the future.
Mandatory notice. Require that your invitee give you a specific amount of notice for bookings, so you have enough time to prepare.

Configure your options

Invitation type. Choose from a 1-on-1 invitation (great for meetings) or a group invitation (great for workshops) and choose how many people can attend.
Event increments. Set the frequency and granularity of available time slots for your invitees to choose from - 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
Events per day. Specify how many of this type of date you'd like to have scheduled per day.
Buffer. Specify how much time (if any) you'd like to have left aside in your schedule before each event. This is useful for travel or prep!

Set up the date details

Auto approval. Set the date to be automatically approved and added to your calendar once an invitee chooses a date.
Manual approval. Set the date to be manually approved if you'd like to review it first before it is added to your calendar.
Date details. Set the length, and specify the date name, address and notes for the date that is created from an invitation.

Configure the flow

Questionnaire. Add a questionnaire to collect details from your invitees specific to the date and event they book.
Embed. Share the link with your clients, send an email or embed it on your site. How you share your invitation is up to you!
Thank you and welcome message. Customize the welcome greeting and thank you message for your invitation and give a more guided, customized experienced.

...and use invitations for your growing team!

Use invitations for your growing team! If you're running a multi-photographer studio, you can let your clients choose who they book. If you have an assistant or a second shooter, you can make sure that the invitation checks everyone's availability first.

just the beginning

Discover dozens of new features & improvements along the way!

+ Sprout Studio
Sprout Studio

Keep it in-sync

Now you can sync your Sprout Studio account with your Google Calendar and it'll keep it synced up, 2-ways. Anything you change in Sprout will show up in your Google Calendar automatically, and vice-versa!

public booking pages

Make it public

Now, with public Booking Pages, you can let your clients self-book their sessions or mini-sessions. You can let them choose a package, sign a contract, pick a date/time and pay all by themselves!

completely redesigned

New booking proposals

Your booking proposals and booking pages got a complete re-design! Not only are they prettier, but they are now more informative and helpful for your clients, too. Plus, you can add images to packages now and show off your brand the way you want!

use cases

How will you use invitations?

Invitations and the all-new public booking pages were built by photographers, for photographers. How will you use invitations? Here's a few ways to get your gears turning ... 
Run mini sessions
Auto-book sessions
Fill workshops and classes
Schedule an IPS appointment
Book a meeting
Reschedule a shoot
Schedule a client appointment
Choose a date for a session

get invitations and so much more

21-days of awesomeness, on us!

Sprout Studio is FREE to try for 21-days, takes only a couple minutes, and no credit-card is required. How’s that for easy?
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