Capture the moments that defined your past year, Photographer! That’s right — it’s time to rewind, reflect, and relish the highlights that shaped your 2023 business journey. From what your ‘best month says about you’ to the ‘meaning behind what offerings your clients are currently loving’… Keep scrolling to get an inside look into all things #SproutYearInReview.


Turn on (and up) the growth in your business!

With Sprout Studio on your side, your photography business gets the (true) all-in-one advantage! What does that mean exactly? All your apps ‘talk’ to each other — providing valuable insight that doesn’t have to be Mod Podge’d together from multiple other subscriptions… yikes!

Your inquiry submissions inform your leads, your booking pages inform your price lists, your shop informs your galleries, and all these tools working together in one place, inform YOU!

Sprout Studio Analytics enables you to make informed decisions that drive growth, like our Scorecards Report. Keep reading to see how Scorecards inspired our “Year in Review” campaign for our community.

Sprout Studio reports and analytics for photographers


Monitor your business effortlessly!

With over 14 robust and comprehensive of reports to analyze in Sprout, Scorecards might just be our favourite… shhh!

That’s because Scorecards are a friction-free way to monitor the health of your business, on-the-go!

Once a week and/or once a month (as set by your preference), you’ll receive a status report email that highlight the “must knows” in your business. You no longer have to dig around your website, CRM, or Google Analytics to find the data you need!

Each Scorecard lists the 3 drivers of growth in your business:

1. Inquiries, 2. Bookings, and 3. Earnings.

And with of the frequency of Scorecards, you’re able to make proactive and educated business decisions without the overwhelm of course-correcting. It’s simple – micro adjustments allow for maximum return, so let’s start doubling-down on what’s working for you and your business!

That’s Scorecards! In honour of these weekly and monthly status updates, it was only fair we made your yearly Scorecard report a bit more… fun… That’s where “Year in Review” comes into play (or we guess, rewind). 

Make sure your Scorecards are turned on to receive your Year in Review. 


Go to Settings > Automation > Assistant.
Open up the "Scorecards" panel.
Turn "on" the Scorecard emails for your brand.



Data and analytics aren’t the most exciting part about being a photographer, but they don’t have to be stressful. Let Sprout Studio handle the “business” side of being a photographer so you can focus on doing what you love.

Sprout Studio Professional Photography Business Insights



Each month tells a different story for photographers and their businesses. So which one stood-out for you? Was it July’s peak season or May’s spring mini mayhem? Find out what your best month says about you, consider it your business’s horoscope…



What offering came out on top this year? Can you guess what best-seller struck a chord with your clients? Your clients have spoken; what do they love and what does that say about you…



Sprout’s superpower is doing it all — from CRM to Galleries, Automation to Scheduling, Invoicing to Contracts, and Email Marketing to Design Proofs, you could say we have A LOT of features!

But which feature do you love the most in 2023 and are you certain it’s the one you think…


Excited about Sprout’s Year in Review Campaign? Spread the word effortlessly with our Media Kit. Access promotional materials, graphics, and content ready for sharing on your website and social media. Join forces with the photography community in celebrating 2023’s achievements and growth.

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Not a Sprout User? No problem! Start your new year fresh and achieve a Scorecard worth of growth in 2024 with the Sprout Studio on your side!

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