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January 5, 2022

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Sprout users make double the money and get back 28 hours each week. See the difference for yourself ...
No credit card required
3 weeks of awesomeness on us!
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A NEW collaboration with ShootDotEdit: working towards the common goal of your success

Bryan Caporicci, Professional wedding photographer and CEO/Founder of Sprout Studio About Bryan

If you’re reading these very words, then there is no doubt in my mind that you are destined for success.

You obviously care about your growth as an entrepreneur and as a photographer, because you’re constantly seeking more – more input, more education, more wisdom, more advice, more application and more opportunities.

You aren’t static; you’re continually growing, searching, developing, learning, maturing and improving.

You’re sprouting. You're a sprouting photographer.

Here at SproutingPhotographer.com, we believe that you can achieve great success as a photographer through sound business principles. We believe that there are too many photographers who fail, not due to a lack of creativity, but instead due to a lack of implementing solid, proven business strategies.

We are here to help. To clear the path and guide the way.


We're sprouting, just like you …

We have always believed in collaboration, which literally means “working together towards a common goal”.

Our common goal has always been “your success”. 

We’ve collaborated with the industry’s best, and we are always seeking new cooperative opportunities to help bring you the highest quality in business education for photographers.

We, too, are continually growing, searching, developing, learning, maturing and improving. You see, we’re sprouting too … just like you.

We’re excited to announce our newest collaborative project, a partnership with ShootDotEdit.

Start for free, 21 days on us!

Sprout Studio is made by photographers, for photographers. Start making a living doing what you love today.

In case you aren't familiar with ShootDotEdit, let me set the stage …

ShootDotEdit gives you the one thing that is most important to you.

They give you something that is fleeting. They give you something that you can’t ever seem to get enough of. They give you something that often comes and goes without you even realizing. They give you something that is worth more to you than anything else in the world.

ShootDotEdit gives you your time back.

On top of that, ShootDotEdit gives you freedom.

They give you flexibility. They give you balance. They give you confidence. They give you peace of mind.

ShootDotEdit is the industry leader in wedding photography color correction, and everything to do with wedding photography post production.

We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with such an incredible team.

Introducing “Beyond the Webinar”

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 7.03.01 AM

ShootDotEdit regularly hosts a series of great free webinars, where they bring the world’s leading photographic educators and host a 1-hour online class for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

In partnership with our Sprouting Photographer podcast, we’re launching a new “layer” to the popular webinars series, called “Beyond the Webinar”.

In each “Beyond the Webinar” episode, I’ll be interviewing the presenter for the webinar and going deeper into the topic they presented on. It will be the “next step” to the webinar, the “advanced” version of the topic, and will give you even more actionable ways to grow your photography business.

I’ll be interviewing the presenter within a couple of days of the ShootDotEdit webinar, which usually happen on Wednesday, and that interview will go live on the Sprouting Photographer Podcast the Wednesday that follows. We’ll encourage our listeners for each “Beyond the Webinar” episode to watch the original webinar through ShootDotEdit to get a solid grasp on the foundations, and ShootDotEdit will encourage everyone on their webinar to listen to the “Beyond the Webinar” episode to go deeper.

We’ll be feeding each other, helping to spread the word about the great education we are both offering, all while giving you even more high-quality photography education. It’s a win-win-win for everyone, in our eyes!

Don't miss out on these great opportunities

The best way to ensure that you never miss a “Beyond the Webinar” interview is to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes. By doing so, you’ll also automatically get any new podcast episode, and you'll be able to download and listen to any of our past 80-some-odd episodes.


Apple recently acknowledged us by featuring us in the “iTunes Best of 2014”, so we're confident that you'll love what even Apple has recognized as being some of the best education in the industry.

To sign up for the ShootDotEdit Webinar itself, you can visit the “Free Content” portal on their website and sign up for each webinar right there.

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