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Sprout school is the ultimate guide for photographers running their business on Sprout Studio. Whether you’re just getting started or are here to improve your skills, these courses will teach you how to save time, make more money, and keep your clients happy.

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You read that right - free! Sprout School costs nothing and is easy to use. Be sure to follow along in your account and download our complimentary Practice Checklists to make the most out of your learning experience.


Sprout 101: Terminology

Learning new software can be tough, we get that, that’s why we designed a kick-off module that gets photographers familiar with the terminology, features, and basics of Sprout Studio.


Getting your Account Set Up

Before photographers start using the time-saving and intuitive features found in Sprout Studio, there are some required sections that need to be set up. This module will guide you through the sign-up page, settings, and account setup information.


Guiding your Client Experience

The most important part of running a photography business (or any business) is making your clients happy! That’s why this module is designated to optimizing and enhancing your client’s experience, and ultimately – booking you more clients!


Automate your business

Run your business on autopilot with Sprout Studio Workflows. We’ve focused this module on how you can easily build powerful automations in Sprout Studio to be personable, yet save you time in the process


Marketing your business

Running a business in a competitive field like photography is no easy task! That’s why Sprout Studio has numerous marketing and sales pyschology built-in for you to utilize. This module shows you how incorporate these techniques into your account.


How To...

This module takes a deep dive into your Sprout Studio account by teaching you all the “how-to’s” of managing scenarios you may face as a photographer. By following along in your account, you’ll be a Sprout Studio expert before you know it!

"Over the last 12 years I have used 5 different CRM platforms. I feel like I am becoming a professional at setting up CRM's. It seemed like everywhere I went it was MISSING something that was really important to me. Sprout is great CRM that has a great client experience PLUS some good reporting. I have been here for a few months, but only starting setting things up 2 weeks ago but I am JUST loving everything! I finally feel like I have found a HOME. Thank you sprout."
Marie Walkowski
Portrait Photographer
"Sprout is all about the client experience! Sprout makes us look like the superhero! I had so many other systems - so disattached! Everything is housed in one place = game changer!"
Shanicka Roberts
Portrait Photographer
"I used 17hats for about 7 yrs. They just didn’t update and bring enough new features. So I was on the hunt. I did trials with Dubsado, Studio Ninja, Honeybook. Sprout for sure offered the most."
Shanna Chess
Family Photographer

Why photographers choose Sprout School

Digestible Videos

Easily follow along with all of Sprout School’s lessons with a comprehensive video format

Expert Advice

Learn directly from photography and business expert Bryan Caporicci.


Great Resources

Practice your skills with the available free checklists and help docs.


Learn everything you need to run a successful photography business with Sprout Studio in one place.


Become a Pro

After Sprout School, you will have all the skills you need to make the most out of Sprout Studio.



The only investment you make with Sprout School is in yourself and your business. All courses are 100% free.


Sprout School helps you ...

But… there is a learning curve! 

Think of the first time you opened Photoshop and how you’ve mastered the program since then! Similarly, Sprout Studio is a big tool that can make a BIG impact!

Sprout School helps you take it one step at a time. 


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