How will 2023 impact the photography industry and my business?

Sprout Studio's 2023 Photography Industry Report

The business of photography has come a long way. Photographers have had to stay agile as trends come and go, technology continues to improve, and new fears emerge. But what about the future for photographers in 2023? What changes in the photography industry can we expect? And how will those changes impact your business?  We […]

Is it time to pivot your photography business?


Times have changed and a shift has taken place over the years from generation to generation.  A shift that has featured the rise of many successful entrepreneurs like yourself that don’t follow a “traditional” career path.  New studies have shown that the average person is said to now have 15 career changes in their life.  […]

Create the success you want with action. Do the Hustle!

Do the Hustle. I’m not referring to that catchy disco tune released in 1975 by Van McCoy. Although, if you like to dance while you read, please be my guest. Hustle. I use that word quite often when I’m teaching my college photography students, especially in our business class. I encourage them to hustle because […]

You need to give yourself clues

I had been here before, but never quite like this. On July 10, 2010, I watched my future wife, Ally, walk down the aisle. Although I had been here before and photographed this moment hundreds of times as a wedding photographer, I had never been here before as the groom – the one being photographed. […]

How to create strong foundations in your life and business

When we think of our health, we tend as a whole to think primarily of our physical health. Many articles have of course been written on the benefits of taking a more holistic and well balanced approach to looking at our health. That means giving our mental, emotional and spiritual health as much intent as […]