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January 2019 - Print Credits 

Print Credits
We released the ability to have your clients fulfill already pre-ordered items in a gallery! You can also use this to give your clients freebies in a gallery. 

July 2019- Gallery Cover Designer

Gallery Cover Designer
We released our new Gallery Cover Designer. This gives you full control over the design of your cover images in a Gallery! 

November 2019 - One Page

One Page App
One Page
Every shoot has a One Page. This is a customizable, private webpage for you and your team. It has a shortcut for everything for that shoot - contact information, maps, weather, questionnaire responses, booking details and more.


January 2020 - Invitations & Public Booking Pages

Invitations & Public Booking Pages
You've got a lot to keep up with. The last thing you need to do is waste your time with unnecessary back-and-forths. With Sprout Studio Invitations, you can automate your scheduling and spend your time on the important things!

With public Booking Pages, you can let your clients self-book their sessions or mini-sessions. You can let them choose a package, sign a contract, pick a date/time and pay all by themselves!

Your booking proposals and booking pages got a complete re-design! Not only are they prettier, but they are now more informative and helpful for your clients, too. Plus, you can add images to packages now and show off your brand the way you want! 

First Aid for your photography business
When the Coronavirus pandemic began, we launched a marketing challenge to help. We worked day-in, day-out to help you build a rock-solid marketing and sales plan; one that'd help you book more clients and generate more revenue admidst the chaos. We've helped 1,000s of photographers around the world through this. We'd love to help you, too. 

April 2020 - Email Marketing

Email Marketing
With Sprout Studio, you already have everything in one place. Now, with the all-new email marketing, you can make the most of that!

May 2020 - Contact Merge Wizard

Contact Merge Wizard 
You can easily merge your duplicate contacts using our Contact Merge tool. It loads in all duplicate contacts and lets you merge them with the click of a button. 

July 2020 - Contract <> Order Syncing

Contract <> Order Syncing 
We added a dropdown to select an order when creating an Additional Contract, so you can choose which Payment Schedule and Package information you want to apply to the contract.

August 2020 - Email Lists

Email Lists
We added a new feature called Email Lists. With Email Lists, you can pre-build out your email lists for your marketing campaigns and reuse your lists on new campaigns. 

August 2020 - Designer Emails

Designer Emails
With the all-new Designer Emails, you can build the most beautiful emails on the market. And it's as simple as drag-and-drop! The best part? You don't have to sacrifice utility and usefulness - they're still fully compatible with every email client, and they're fully searchable and scannable. 

December 2020 - Bulk Apply Workflows

Bulk Apply Workflows
You now have the ability to bulk apply workflows to your Shoots. Simply go to your Shoots page, check off all the Shoots you want to apply the workflow to, and click the "Apply Workflow" button in the Bulk Actions menu. 

February 2021 - Concierge

Whether you want to do it yourself or use our concierge to do it for you, you can get migrated in no time! That way, you can save time, do more of what you love, make more money and give your clients a killer experience!

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There are a lot more tools in the shed

Stay Organized. With Sprout Studio's studio management tools, you can run your entire business in one place. Your inquiries, clients, invoices, contracts, galleries, expenses, design proofs, and more are all together. You can save time, keep organized, and streamline your workflow.
Look great. With Sprout Studio's galleries (and more), you can give your clients an amazing experience. You keep them organized, look great and put your best foot forward! 
Get clarity. Sprout Studio helps you be the master of client communications. You have all the tools you need to make sure you and your clients are on the same page. You will avoid confusion, push vagueness aside, and get clear with your clients.
Save time. With Sprout Studio, you have best-in-class productivity tools at your fingertips at every turn. Save time, get more done faster and get back to doing what you love - photography. 
Feel confident. Sprout Studio is built for photographers, by photographers. We've been where you are, and know what it's like to run a photography business. By using Sprout Studio, you can adapt solid business fundamentals and feel confident that you're doing your best. 
Flexibility. With Sprout Studio, you have complete flexibility. You can set it up to work exactly the way you need it to work for you in your business.
Stay in touch. With Sprout Studio, your email marketing is built-in. You can send a bulk email to exactly who you want, when you want. This is perfect for newsletters, updates, promotions, announcements or just to stay in touch with your clients.
Make more money. With your email marketing built-in, you can easily set up automated drip email campaigns. New recipients can even be automatically added, or you can build beautiful powerful pop-up, slide-in or inline signup forms to embed on your website and add new recipients to your email campaigns.

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