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January 5, 2022

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Hey 👋

It's been a while!

When we first launched Sprout Studio, the dream was to build an all-in-one suite of tools to help you grow your business.
We are continually working for you; improving Sprout and making better tools to help you grow your business, make more money, look better to your clients and save time.

endless innovation

Forward features

We've pushed millions of lines of code to production and made hundreds - if not thousands - of small improvements, but here are some of the bigger features we've launched over the last little while that you may have missed:

Print credits

Give your clients credit for prints and products they already purchased or add one on as a bonus. Then, they can fulfill those credits in a gallery.

Gallery cover designer

Have complete control over the look and feel of how you introduce your clients to their gallery. With gallery cover designer, you can design the cover to look and feel exactly how you'd like!

One page

Every shoot's One Page is a customizable webpage for you and your team to see everything for that shoot - contact info, maps, weather, questionnaires, booking details and more.


You've got a lot to keep up with, don't waste your time with unnecessary back-and-forths. With Invitations, you can automate your scheduling and spend your time on the important things!

Booking pages

Let your clients self-book their sessions or mini-sessions. You can let them choose a package, sign a contract, pick a date/time and pay all by themselves!

First aid 

When the Coronavirus pandemic began, we helped 1,000s of photographers sustain their businesses amidst the chaos. We'd love to help you, too. 

Email marketing

Do all of your email marketing together with your CRM! Send single bulk emails one time to a group of people, or create an email drip campaign with sequenced messages.

Contact merge wizard

You can easily merge your duplicate contacts using our contact merge tool. It loads in all duplicate contacts and lets you merge them with the click of a button. 

Contract & order syncing

Attach an order to a contract so you can use variables from the order and embed them into the contract with the click of a button!

Email lists

With the separation of "church and state," you can import CSVs, build sign-up forms, and reuse them on new campaigns.

Designer emails

Build the most beautiful emails on the market as easy as drag-and-drop! Don't sacrifice utility and usefulness; they're fully compatible with every email client, and they're fully searchable and scannable. 

Bulk apply workflow

Bulk apply workflows to your leads and shoots and get more done, faster!

Migration tool

Quickly and easily transition your existing leads and shoots from your old system into Sprout with the full-screen migration tool. 

Concierge service

With the Sprout Studio DFY concierge service, we'll transition your clients from your old system into Sprout so you can save time, do more of what you love, make more money and give your clients a killer experience!

Lab integration

Automate your workflow and have your clients' gallery orders auto-submit to a lab so you can sell beautiful heirloom products without adding more work.

All-new shop

More details TBD!


Other resources

Here are a handful of Sprout Studio-specific resources we've created for you that you may find helpful along your journey to  becoming a full-on Sprouter 🌱 

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