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See what it's like to go through the entire portrait photography experience, from start to finish, using Sprout Studio.

 a new client inquiry

Client gets in touch with you

Contact forms
You build your contact form in Sprout Studio and put it right onto your website. Your clients fill it out, and they become a "lead" in Sprout Studio so you can get organized from the start.

You get a notification for a lead

You can choose how Sprout notifies you of various activities, but most photographers want to get an email notification and an in-app notification when they get a new lead.

You send an email reply to the client

Email templates
Most photographers use email templates for emails they write over and over again. You can save and organize all of your templates in Sprout Studio, and even use variables like [[client_name]] that'll be replaced when you use that template with a client!

Client checks out your price list

Public price lists
You can optionally share a price list with your clients so they can browse all you have to offer. Your public price list looks beautiful, shows off everything with your photos, and makes it crystal-clear to your clients exactly what they can get. 

 a new booking

You book the client and get paid

Booking proposal
A booking proposal is a guided, step-by-step private web page that a client goes through to book you as their photographer. They can choose a package, fill out a questionnaire, sign your digital contract, and pay a deposit.

Client gets their portal

Client Portal
Each client gets their own, private, password-protected client portal. Their galleries, invoices, questionnaires, contracts, and more will all be available in one place.
Username allison and password allison

Sprout sends automatic reminders

Sprout Assistant
Sprout Studio comes packaged with Sprout Assistant, your side-kick in getting things done. You can have Sprout Assistant automatically follow-up, send reminders (ie. for upcoming invoices), and send confirmations.

You collect shoot day details

You can build a dynamic online form for collecting information from your clients, such as shoot day details. Sprout Assistant can even automatically send it to your client and follow-up if they haven't filled it out yet!

 you photograph the session

You send an online gallery 

Sprout Studio is an all-in-one suite, so you can create your online galleries in the same place you organize everything else. Your client can view their images, order prints, download their images, choose favorites, and more!

Client reviews your virtual sales galleries

Sales Galleries
A sales gallery lets you give an in-person style experience to your clients, on the web. It helps them choose wall portraits and visualize your photos on their walls.  

Your clients review their images

Design Proofs
With design proofing in Sprout Studio, you can easily showcase album designs and collect specific feedback from your clients on each page. This helps you avoid confusion and any unnecessary back-and-forth, allowing you to finally get clarity on change requests while streamlining the whole process!

 happy clients

the extras

There are a lot more tools in the shed

Stay Organized. With Sprout Studio's studio management tools, you can run your entire business in one place. Your inquiries, clients, invoices, contracts, galleries, expenses, design proofs, and more are all together. You can save time, keep organized, and streamline your workflow.
Look great. With Sprout Studio's galleries (and more), you can give your clients an amazing experience. You keep them organized, look great and put your best foot forward! 
Get clarity. Sprout Studio helps you be the master of client communications. You have all the tools you need to make sure you and your clients are on the same page. You will avoid confusion, push vagueness aside, and get clear with your clients.
Save time. With Sprout Studio, you have best-in-class productivity tools at your fingertips at every turn. Save time, get more done faster and get back to doing what you love - photography. 
Feel confident. Sprout Studio is built for photographers, by photographers. We've been where you are, and know what it's like to run a photography business. By using Sprout Studio, you can adapt solid business fundamentals and feel confident that you're doing your best. 
Flexibility. With Sprout Studio, you have complete flexibility. You can set it up to work exactly the way you need it to work for you in your business.

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