Taking the fear out of sales

The word “sales” is common to just about every entrepreneur on the planet. Creative types such as photographers, however, seem to have a real disdain for sales and avoid the idea of “selling” to their clients. Many photographers have told me personally that they just don’t like being a “salesperson.” They just want to take […]

When pricing your work, think like a customer

I know many photographers stress over their price list and agonize over how much to charge for their work, but price is not always the most important factor when potential clients are making a purchase decision.

Photography is only enjoyed once it’s printed

Your clients say they want digital, but you know that what they really need is a print. I believe it’s a fundamental disservice to your clients if you don’t try and create beautiful heirlooms for them to enjoy in their homes and to pass down for generations. [highlightcenter]Long live the print! Your images must not live and die […]