Sprout Design Proofs

Album and design proofing for photographers

Design your album, book, thank-you cards and more. Then, use Sprout Design Proofs to effortlessly gather feedback, eliminate the back-and-forth and seamlessly collaborate with clients. 

Increase your referrals by 72%

Research by Nielsen reveals that clients who have positive and clear interactions with a business are 72% more likely to recommend that business to others. Happier clients and more referrals? Sounds good!

Get clarity with your clients

Design Proofs help you foster clarity, streamline your communications and empower collaboration with your clients, resulting in a seamless client experience and saved time for both you and your clients.


Get clear feedback

Sharing specific feedback on designs is as simple as pointing and clicking for your clients. 

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Donna & Matthew

Wedding Design Proof


Minimize revisions

Streamline your process and make sharing feedback easy, which means you need to make fewer revisions and can eliminate the time-consuming (and frustrating) back-and-forth with your clients. 

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Rose & Julien

Elopement Design Proof


Give your clients a voice

Empower your clients with an intuitive feedback process and let them even suggest specific image swaps in your proofs. But you still stay in control of the design and overall direction. The perfect balance!

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Kalee Isenhour

Boudoir Design Proof


Effortless sign-off

Once your client is thrilled with the design, expedite the approval process with a clear sign-off. This means you can move forward knowing you’re on the same page with your client and won’t hit any more roadblocks or unexpected turns. 

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Rose & Julien

Elopement Design Proof

Inspire your creativity

Sprout Studio photographers are creatively brilliant. Powered by Sprout Design Proofs, their clients get an unparalleled visual experience. Delve into a showcase that reflects the stunning, imaginative work of photographers who have harnessed the power of Sprout. 

Feedback as easy as 1-2-3

Simplify the feedback process with pinpoint precision

When you send a Design Proof to your clients, they can give you specific feedback on specific pages by simply clicking what they’d like to share feedback on and typing! No more deciphering vague instructions or dealing with marked-up PDFs – just a straightforward, visual feedback system that makes collaboration a breeze.

Plus, your clients can...

Clear feedback, quick action

Effortlessly decode client feedback for swift action

Tired of decoding vague feedback? With Design Proofs, understanding client comments is a breeze because you receive a visual representation that eliminates the guesswork. No more pondering who Aunt Mary is or which image on page 3 they’re referring to.

Plus, you can...

Great for more than just albums!

Unlock limitless creative possibilities

Design Proofing extends beyond wedding albums and portrait books. Sprout Studio users harness its power for a wide range of finished work and tap into the feedback, revision, and approval process. 

Design proofs are great for …
... and much more!
Thoughtful tools to make your life easier

Proof stats

Get insights into revisions, spreads, and storage

Revision tracking

Manage design changes effortlessly

Internal notes

Easily communicate with your team

Renaming revisions

Customize revision labels for organization

Track views

Keep an eye on who's viewing and when

Aesthetic control

Personalize your client’s experience

and so much more!

Automate your workflow

It’s like your entire business is driven by AI,
without any complexity

Step into the future with the Sprout Assistant, with over 30 powerful automations that seamlessly orchestrate your business. From reminders to follow-ups and notifications, liberate yourself from the complexities of minutiae. Streamline communications and embrace a “hands-off” approach, leaving room for your creative genius to flourish while your business thrives on autopilot.

Do more with the all-in-one advantage

With Sprout, your CRM tools are just the beginning. You get all the tools you need to run your business in one place. Explore more features built for photographers like you.

14-days of awesomeness, on us!

14-days of awesomeness, on us!


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