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So, you love Sprout Studio. Hey, thanks – we love you, too! Enough gushy talk, though; let us PAY YOU to refer us to your photogra-friends!

How the Sprout Studio affiliate program works

All Sprouters are welcome to join the affiliate program; it’s an open invite! As a Sprout Studio Ambassador, you refer your photogra-friends, they start a trial, and when they sign up for a Sprout Studio plan, you get paid a commission. It’s that simple!

Step 1


Signup to become an Ambassador; it’s quick, free and easy to join!

Step 2


Share your affiliate link with your photogra-friends.

Step 3


Your friend gets 20% off their annual plan just because you referred them.

Step 4


We’ll pay you $30 for the referral when your friend signs up for a paid plan.

You earn commission for every paid referral

The commission payouts above are approximate amounts in USD. Actual commission earnings are 20% of the subscription fee for the referral.
*Monthly = commission payout for the referral’s first 3 months only.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions?

We are proud of our industry-leading support. If you have any questions about the referral program, give us a call at 1-844-453-6332 or email

When a friend uses your referral link to sign-up for their free trial, a coupon is automatically applied to their account allowing them to save 20%. Your referrals must be active and remain subscribed to Sprout Studio for at least 30 days in order for you to receive your commission payout. 

If your friend has not clicked on your Ambassador link or entered your name when prompted during sign-up, we will not be able to attribute any referrals back to you. This also means your referrals will not have the 20% discount applied to their account. 

Please be sure to remind your friends to sign up for their trial using your link and to mention your name at registration.

After your referral has been verified, any pending commission and bonuses are paid out through PayPal within the first 5 working days of the following month. The minimum payout amount is $50 USD. This just helps us avoid making tons of tiny payments each month and won’t take you long to rack up.

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Become a Sprout Ambassador, for free!

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