About Sprout Studio

Hey, I’m Bryan Caporicci, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Sprout Studio. Over the past 17 years, I’ve been diving into photography and helping countless individuals turn their passion into a rewarding career.

Let me take you back to May 20th, 2013 – a day when everything clicked. With nearly a decade of photography experience under my belt, I was facing a chaotic software landscape. The tools I was using didn’t talk to each other, turning simple tasks like email marketing and invoicing into frustrating challenges.

Seeing that photographers shared this struggle, I reached out to Chris Bowman, a web expert, and painted the picture of Sprout Studio’s potential. Our shared drive to tackle these hurdles led to a pivotal moment – the initial handshake that ignited the creation of Sprout Studio.

Fuelled by innovation, we crafted a toolbox that seamlessly connects galleries, orders, CRM, and studio management. We boldly stood against industry giants, all because we believed in the power of empowering photographers.

Today, Sprout Studio thrives with an incredible team that cherishes collaboration, growth, and offering unwavering support. Our mission is clear: we’re here to guide photographers to success, transforming both their businesses and lives.

Bryan Caporicci CEO of Sprout Studio
Sprout Studio Team

Meet The Team

Get to know a bit about the people behind Sprout Studio!

CEO & Founder
Bryan Caporicci
About Bryan

Work Nickname: B Capp

Fun Fact: Bryan has been a photographer for 17 years!

Enneagram: Fluent in 3/1/8

Unpopular Opinion: Likes ketchup on Kraft Dinner

Bucket List: To show his kids the East and West coasts of Canada

Director of Happiness
Emily Gibson
About Emily

Work Nickname: Queen of Sprout

Fun Fact: She owns a signed copy of JK Rowling’s Order of the Phoenix

Enneagram: Fluent in 2/9/6

Unpopular Opinion: Beer and Wine are gross

Bucket List: Dining at Club 33

Director of Product & Co Founder
Chris Bowman
About Chris

Work Nickname: The Jeep

Fun Fact: Chris puts Sriracha in his peanut butter sandwiches

Enneagram: Fluent in 7/2

Unpopular Opinion: Pineapple belongs on pizza

Bucket List: Travel to Japan

Director of Technology
Rob Thaggard
About Rob

Work Nickname: Just Rob

Fun Fact: He has perfected drawing a hand turkey

Enneagram: Fluent in 1/8

Unpopular Opinion: Thinks everything thicker than a t-shirt is a coat

Bucket List: More of a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy

Director of Customer Success
Justin Morabito
About Justin

Work Nickname: Big J

Fun Fact: Justin has been a wedding photographer for 7 years

Enneagram: Fluent in 9/6/4

Unpopular Opinion: Ben Affleck was a good Batman

Bucket List: To visit Japan

Product Support Jedi
Andrew Fisher
About Andrew

Work Nickname: A-dawg

Fun Fact: He once met Mike Myers at an acting studio

Enneagram: Fluent in 2/8/6

Unpopular Opinion: He doesn’t like the Big Bang Theory

Bucket List: Ride in a fighter jet

Nic Gardner
About Nic

Work Nickname: Sir Nic

Fun Fact: Nic developed his own video game

Enneagram: Fluent in 6/9/4

Unpopular Opinion: Hotdogs are not sandwiches

Bucket List: Make a bucket list

Senior Developer
Alex Zukowski
About Alex

Work Nickname: Big Al

Fun Fact: Alex likes making video games for fun, and he would like to one day be able to release a full game

Enneagram: Fluent in 4/6/5

Unpopular Opinion: Thinks coffee is gross

Bucket List: To go to Japan

QA Testing & Tech Support Investigator
Chris Mayo
About Chris

Work Nickname: Extra Mayo

Fun Fact: Chris has a Shiba Inu dog named Mika

Enneagram: 6/5/9

Unpopular Opinion: PCs are better than Macs

Bucket List: Travel the world

Graphic & Media Designer
Tanya Khatcherian
About Tanya

Work Nickname: T

Fun Fact: She can type at 145 WPM with 98% accuracy

Enneagram: Fluent in 6/5/9

Unpopular Opinion: Crocs are fantastic

Bucket List: To visit Japan

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