Automation for photographers
Sprout Automation

Automation for photographers

Free up your time, simplify your workflow, elevate client happiness and grow your business. All while focusing more on what you love – photography – and less on the things you don’t.

Save 20% of your time while decreasing errors by 75%

According to McKinsey & Company, automation can save businesses up to 20% of their time, and Accenture found that automation also reduces error rates by 75%.

More strategic, meaningful and impactful work while improving accuracy and professionalism? Yes, please!

Put your business on autopilot

We created the Momentum Method – a framework to help you reclaim your time, immerse yourself in your creative work and give your clients the experience they deserve.

Professional Photographer Smart Assistant

Automate It

Streamline your workflow by putting things on auto-pilot. Focus on being creative while the repetitive, monotonous work is handled seamlessly behind the scenes.

Sprout Studio helps you automate with automatic ...
Professional Photographer Email Templates

Accelerate It

Turbocharge your processes by finding ways to do things more efficiently with less effort, exponentially saving you time every time you do it next.

Sprout Studio helps you accelerate with …
Professional Photographer Email Templates
Put everything in one place with Sprout Studio Client Portals

Align It

Create consistency, burn fewer mental calories and eliminate friction by simplifying your work.

Sprout Studio helps you align with …

Sprout Assistant to the rescue

Professional Photography Like-Ai Assistant

It’s like your 24/7 client concierge team

Imagine effortlessly automating tasks like reminding clients of upcoming invoices, confirming bookings, or even nudging them to complete their orders – all without the complexity of traditional automation tools.

Sprout Assistant can automatically …
... and dozens more!

A hands off business experience

Sprout Studio workflow actions

Sprout Workflows: do the work once and never think about it again

Sprout Workflows are impressively powerful yet deceptively simple. The “when this, then that” formula will help you build as many workflow steps as you’d like to make a fully custom and powerful automation engine – all with very little effort!

See it live

One Page

Each team member gets their own portal

Sprout Studio workflow actions

Sprout AI

An AI tool built for photographers, integrated into Sprout, that knows you and your clients

With Sprout AI, you can use …
  • Magic Compose, which writes you a new email from a prompt
  • Tone Shift, which lets you rewrite the email you already have
  • Sprout AI in Questionnaires, which will auto-build your client questionnaires

Fully integrated with Zapier

Sprout Studio Zapier Integration

Connect Sprout Studio with 1,000s of other apps and integrations

Sprout is fully integrated with Zapier, a software which lets Sprout connect with other programs that aren’t directly linked to our software – like QuickBooks, for example. 

The Triggers that are supported with Sprout and Zapier include:
... and much more!
Thoughtful tools to make your life easier

Template Library

Save time with pre-built templates

Lead Sources

Track lead sources with ease

2-way calendar sync

Eliminate double bookings

Booking Insights

Record reasons clients don’t book

Organization tools

Stay organized with statuses, shoot types and more

Activity Logs

Automatically track client activity

and so much more!

Do more with the all-in-one advantage

With Sprout, your CRM tools are just the beginning. You get all the tools you need to run your business in one place. Explore more features built for photographers like you.

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14-days of awesomeness, on us!


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