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January 5, 2022

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It's all in one place

It's all in one place

With Sprout Studio, you already have everything in one place. Now, with the all-new email marketing, you can make the most of that!


These are tough times. We knew we wanted to do something to help out, so we pivoted the entire team and built email marketing in record time so you could connect with your clients, stay top-of-mind, help and guide your community, generate more revenue and market in all-new ways. Here's our timeline ...
March 11, 2020
Crisis Mode
The WHO officially declares the Coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic. The Sprout Team works remote. The photography industry is setback and put on pause. In certain districts, photographers are prohibited from participating in physically distancing work such as the Porch Project.  
March 16, 2020
First-Aid Support
The entire Sprout team pivots. The First-Aid webpage, an index page for COVID-19 resources, is launched. Two report features are added to help photographers reschedule with clients. Pre-written email and contract amendment templates are added to the Sprout Library. We launch the Marketing Plan Challenge that runs for over 2-weeks providing photographers with helpful and informative video lessons, topic breakdowns, and tactical checklists, to help their businesses stay afloat. 
March 20, 2020
Email Marketing
The Sprout Team becomes determined to do more. We reexamine our development calendar and decide to move up Email Marketing (a feature that was to be worked on in the last quarter of 2020). The dev teams dives into production, working relentlessly to get a MVP (minimum viable product) out and into the hands of photographers as quickly as humanly possible.  
March 26, 2020
The Annoucement
Sprout reveals the new project of Email Marketing to the Facebook Community with full transparency. Unlike any of our typical feature launches, we provide full disclosure and share behind-the-scene progress videos. Sprout understands the current financial burden COVID-19 has caused to the photography community and the team purposely disregards a pricing model for the add-on. We announce the feature will be free for now and the foreseeable future.  
April 8, 2020
Alpha Testing
We invited members of the Sprout Studio Facebook Community to become alpha testers. We were blown away by the response and the sense of community while testing. Never have we witnessed such camaraderie and we are so proud of our community for their tireless and diligent support to make sure the feature is solid, stable, and reliable.
April 23, 2020
Final Touches
The development team works overtime to finalize the remaining improvements while building impromptu enhancements and extensions. The "MVP" version is so far beyond what the team could've ever dreamed of being released and in record time.
April 27, 2020
It's here. And it's all yours. Email Marketing. We wanted to support our community during these uncertain times in the biggest way we could... but little did we realize the return of support we'd receive from the community throughout this entire process. Thank you, sincerely from your Sprout Studio family.  
August 17, 2020
Email Designer + Updates
You asked, we delivered! On August 17, we pushed the largest update to Email Marketing: Email Designer! Now you can design full on email newsletters to send to your clients. Aesthetics meet utility, form meets function, and pretty meets useful.

Plus! We also released Email Lists, letting you build customized and reusable email lists, and more in-depth metrics and statistics!

introducing pretty emails

Put on a fresh coat of paint

Now all of your emails can look great! With pretty emails, you can send every day emails with that extra bit of "wow" and show off your brand the way you want!
A plain email is a plain-text email and looks the same as it would look as if you were to type a personal email in Gmail, Mac OS mail or from your phone.
A pretty email is a more refined and stylized email. It has a header image, a heading, the email content and a button (where applicable). You can also choose from a dark or light theme as well as two different font options.

introducing email marketing

Go ahead, send those emails!

single bulk emails

Blast em' all at once ...

With email marketing, a single bulk email is a way to send one email, one time, to a group of people.

email drip campaigns

... or send 'em bit-by-bit

An email drip campaign is a way to send a sequence of emails to a group of people. You can even have new recipients automatically added to a drip sequence once they meet a specific criteria.
Email courses
Nurturing sequences
Lead magnets
Follow-up sequences

Email exactly who you want

Specify exactly who (in your Sprout account) will receive your emails. Even manually add new contacts 1-by-1, add existing contacts or import a CSV of contacts into an email marketing campaign. 

built-in marketing tools

Pop-ups, slide-ins and forms, oh my!

Powerful pop-ups

With incredible flexibility to build powerful pop-up signup forms, easily put them onto your website and watch your email list grow!

Simple slide-ins

Prefer a less intrusive approach? No problem! You can build a simple slide-in for your website to collect email addresses for your email marketing campaigns. 

Inline forms anywhere

Want complete control?  You can build your marketing exactly the way you want it. Then copy-and-paste the inline form exactly where you want your form to appear!

pre-built marketing campaigns

Launch your campaign today!

Our community has come together and given you their proven, pre-built marketing campaigns so you can copy them with the click of a button and launch them today! 
Bryan Caporicci
Megan Breukelman
Ellie Mckinney
Tanya Smith
Tanya Smith 
Mario Masitti
Do you have an email marketing campaign you'd like to contribute? We'd be happy to compensate you for it - anything to help our community out. Send us an email and we can chat!
August 17 Update

Your emails just
got a facelift.

With the all-new Designer Emails, you can build the most beautiful emails on the market. And it's as simple as drag-and-drop! The best part? You don't have to sacrifice utility and usefulness - they're still fully compatible with every email client, and they're fully searchable and scannable.

Let's face it - email is outdated 👎

Email marketing tools have always been cumbersome to work with. They're limiting, hard to use and never end up looking the way you want.

Or you have the opposite problem - your email marketing can be pretty, but it ends up rendering your entire email as a sequence of images, which is a no-no in terms of email deliverability, compatibility and accessibility.

Not to mention it's completely unindexable, searchable and scannable.

With all of the options right now, you are forced to choose between aesthetics and utility. Form and function. Prettiness and usefulness.

Until now...

Available today

The drag-and-drop email builder that'll allow you to create the most beautiful emails on the market.


Designer Emails.

Your emails are now beautiful AND they're fully compatible, searchable, scannable and indexable. That's right - Both. And.

Aesthetics and utility.
Form and function.
Pretty and useful.

This might be the most ground-breaking feature we've ever launched.

and that's not all...

metrics + statistics

Get to know your numbers

Now, you can see exactly what's working and what's not. Get to know your email marketing campaigns and understand how recipients interact with your messages with the all-new email marketing metrics and statistics.

email lists

Make it reusable

Email marketing is two parts - what you're saying and who you're saying it to. We upgraded the Sprout Studio email marketing platform to more closely reflect that. Now, you can create separate email lists (the "who" part) and choose them in your email campaigns (the "what" part) over and over again.

get email marketing and so much more

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Sprout Studio is FREE to try for 21-days, takes only a couple minutes, and no credit-card is required. How’s that for easy?
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