Email 8: 6 Phases of a Successful Promotional Campaign


Last week, we published an article about strategically planning and executing promos, giving you a step-by-step guide to creating timely, targeted, and effective campaigns that attract your ideal clients, drive conversions, and fuel business growth.

It was called Proactive Promotional Campaign Planning for Photography Success.

In this week’s podcast and a follow-up article, we’re walking through the 6 phases of planning a promo and an example of executing them step-by-step. We’re even selling all of the emails, workflows and email marketing pieces pre-built for you in Sprout Studio.

Real quickly – the 6 phases of a successful promotional campaign are:

  1. Planning – 3 weeks before the promotion period begins.
  2. Promotion – 2 weeks before the booking period begins.
  3. Booking – 2 weeks before the session period begins.
  4. Session – Whenever the timeliness of the session makes sense.
  5. Post-Session – Whatever makes sense for your workflow, usually the week after.
  6. Delivery – Within 2-3 weeks of the post-session period.

If you’re missing any of these phases and their nuances, you’re not maximizing your promos and building your campaigns without an optimized strategy. And as the saying goes – a failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Read this week’s article and listen to this week’s podcast to see how all of this works together, learn the steps you may be missing and watch us walk through it in its entirety for a campaign you can run for your own business.

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